9 High-Tech Beauty Presents That Will Basically Make You The Best Gift Giver Of All Time!

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Oct 28, 2021
9 High-Tech Beauty Presents That Will Basically Make You The Best Gift Giver Of All Time!


This year welcomed some of the most exciting beauty gadgets and tools. You might have overlooked beauty gadgets and considered them to be, well, a bit of a fad. But think about it, the microwave changed the way we consume our food, and the iPod revolutionised the way we listen to music. Likewise, a well-chosen beauty gadget woven into a beauty routine can help speed up the journey to a better complexion. The best thing about it, especially as Diwali gets closer, is that these tech-forward products make the best gift for your BFF, SO, or sister who is always searching for the next big thing in beauty.

So, as you fellow beauty enthusiasts, we are here to drop some insanely good gift ideas on you. Yes, we’ve got some finds in mind that would send any true-blue beauty lover into hysterics ( the good kind). Keep scrolling to see the nine beauty gadgets we loved this year, some brand new and some tried-and-true, and to shop for those you love most. Just try to not keep everything for yourself.

9 Beauty Gadgets To Gift To Your Most High-Maintenance Friends

From hair tools that nix the extra wiring to facial massagers that buzz away puffiness or heal a  spot quicker – the list has it all. 


Life Isn’t Perf But Your Hair Can Be

While good hair days come few and far in between, it’s often the result of using the right tools and products. Whether you gravitate towards poker-straight hair or beachy waves and statement curls – This on-the-go hair tool can do it all, trust us. This mini straightener and curler is specifically designed for bangs, bob, pixie and short, thin, fine hair types. Wave it, curl it, flip it, straighten it, easily create the styles you have been dreaming of by adding it to your cart ASAP.

To Look After The Skin

If she is in need of some long-overdue TLC, give them a token of love and care with this thoughtful gift. It’s like giving the skin a fancy facial by exposing your skin to different wavelengths of light. LED lights help in boosting skin’s health, promoting collagen and preventing fine lines. Want to light up her skin? Add this LED device to your cart rn.

Prepare To Feel Zen

If the lucky recipient loves indulging in skincare, she’ll legit love this product. Once she masters the art of rolling, this is a game-changer. Put this electric jade roller in the fridge 15 minutes before using it and combine it with a face serum to take full advantage of its sculpting, toning, and lifting powers. 

Peach Fuzz? Who??

If she likes a hair removal tool that requires little to no effort at all (I mean, who doesn’t), she needs this device. Just glide the circular end over your face and the teeny tiny blades will help remove peach fuzz and fine hairs with ease leaving your skin super soft and smooth. 

To Sculpt, Tone, And Smooth The Skin Like A Pro

Whether you’ve experienced the incredibly effective muscle toning and lifting results of a non-invasive microcurrent facial yourself (or looked enviously at before and after photos), this tool is your chance to use the technology at home. The device works miraculously to define your facial contours and tackle fine lines. 

To Nail That JLo-Level Glow From Head To Toe

Don’t let the simplicity fool you – the angled shape carves out your cheekbones when you glide it along your face and stimulates fibroblasts in your skin, which in turn produces collagen. It can also be used on your body and feels like your skin buzzing and twitching as the device gets to work stimulating the muscle fibre. Use it atop a face serum and expect to see tighter, glowing skin in just 10 minutes. 

To Zap Away Spots And Acne Scars

Red and blue light has been used for years in facials as an effective and proven treatment for acne. The blue light targets spot-causing bacteria, while the red light zeroes in on the fibroblasts to boost microcirculation, soothing redness and inflammation. Just hold the light over the blemish and use it for two minutes, three times a day. 

To Rock An Airbrushed Complexion IRL

We’re obsessed with this auto foundation applicator. It buffs liquid foundation onto the skin for an airbrushed complexion IRL. While you may not use it every day, for perfecting makeup on special occasions, this has won itself a spot in our makeup bag.

For At-Home Blowouts That Look Professional

The cult-favourite hairdryer deserves all the hype and attention it gets. If your giftee does not have the patience to blow out her hair for 45 minutes and is on the hunt for a dryer that can give your salon-level results in a jiffy – this is the blow dryer meant for her. It’ll take around 15 minutes from start to finish, leaving you with straight, smooth, and voluminous hair of your damn dreams.

It’s time to be the best gift-giver of all damn time!

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