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40+ Kiran Bedi Quotes That Are Nothing Short Of Inspirational!

40+ Kiran Bedi Quotes That Are Nothing Short Of Inspirational!

Our country’s history has mentions of strong, fearless women who have led the way in their respective fields against all odds. Shattering glass ceilings, daring to dream in a patriarchal society that threatens to thwart them, and becoming an inspiration for millions of other women, set these individuals apart from the rest. Kiran Bedi is one such inspiring figure who paved the way for women, especially in the field of law enforcement. To celebrate her prolific life, let’s look at some famous Kiran Bedi quotes that are oh-so-inspiring.

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Kiran Bedi Quotes In English

Kiran Bedi Quotes in English
Instagram- Kiran Bedi Quotes in English

In 1972, Kiran Bedi made history by becoming the first woman to hold an officer rank in the Indian Police Service. She is also recognized for her contributions as a social worker who was dedicated to addressing the issue of illiteracy and women’s safety among many others. Over the years, Kiran Bedi has shared some insightful quotes about many topics, right from women empowerment to self-discipline, meaningful life quotes, and more. We have compiled some of the best and most inspirational Kiran Bedi quotes that will really resonate with you. Without further ado, scroll down for some profound, and powerful quotes by Kiran Bedi!

  1. “The focus is what is right before you – to give it your best. It sows the seeds of tomorrow.”
  2. “My motto in life is that nothing is impossible, no target unachievable – one just has to try harder and harder.”
  3. “Giving keeps you very light, there will be no baggage.”
  4. “Empowered women who reach tough or unconventional positions make choices, not sacrifices.”
  5. “People who do not take charge of their lives are lathi-charged by time.”
  6. “Ethics, decency and morality are the real soldiers.”
  7. “Self-watch, discipline, and being your teacher is all you need to be self-reliant and successful.”
  8. “Life is on an incline; you either go up, or you come down.”
  9. “What is the value of education which does not inculcate passion and fearlessness for setting right what is wrong?”
  10. “Corruption cannot be removed without reducing the gap between the governing and the governed.”
  11. “To take control of your life, become your own headmaster.”
  12. “The key to a peaceful world is to be at peace with yourself first.”
  13. “I believe in prayer. I believe in gratitude and serving people.”
  14. “My policing was nothing but activism – it had to be.”
  15. “I had a clear vision: if I take up an assignment, I’ll do full justice to it; otherwise I’ll walk away.”
  16. “I do not believe in living in either the future or the past.”
  17. “Don’t avoid doing something wondering what its consequences may be. Give it a thought, break it down, and consider what really may happen rather than not do it at all.”
  18. “What a national revolution it would be if each one of us were to self-police.”
  19. “We can start the change from our own homes, neighborhoods, bastis, villages and schools.”
  20. “Bonding cannot happen without a strong shift in prevailing attitudes.”
  21. “A person who lives with an attitude of gratitude can never be unhappy because he will always count his blessings. He will always see what he has and not see what doesn’t have.”
  22. “My advice to 18 year olds is to read every day and to stay abreast of developments in technology.”
  23. “I have always nurtured a zeal inside me to live and serve the underprivileged community.”
  24. “Terrorism anywhere is a threat for humanity.”
  25. “You cannot just exercise your rights and get away without performing your responsibilities. Understand that it should not be about ‘me’ but rather ‘us.’”
  26. “Every challenge has its own unique problems.”
  27. “When governance improves, there will be less have-nots and more haves.”
  28. “Crime prevention has to become a first priority.”
  29. “Let eternal vigilance be the price of liberty and integrity of the country hereafter.”
  30. “Mobility and physical fitness when coupled with financial independence will help women empower themselves.”
  31. “Value what you have.. Begin with what you have and continue to generate more.”
  32. “Once you stop fearing fear, you’ll have a sense of freedom in all that you do.”
  33. “A giving and sharing life is richer than one of keeping and storing all for oneself.”
  34. “It is what you make and create of the job given to you, not what is just average expectation.”
  35. “Trust your intuition, believe what you think is true as the answer lies within you.”
  36. “Nothing can change without the balance of Intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, spiritual quotient.”
  37. ‘Best human value one can inculcate is to be trustworthy.”
  38. “Learn to say yes to the right. Learn to say no to the wrong.”
  39. “Passionate women are those who not only empower themselves, but empower themselves to empower others.”
  40. “Youth is the foundation of all life. It’s in age as well as in attitude. Both are sides of the same coin.”
  41. “A giving and sharing life is richer than one of keeping and storing all for oneself.”

We are sure these powerful quotes by Kiran Bedi left you motivated and inspired! Which one of these Kiran Bedi quotes were you able to relate with the most? 

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23 Mar 2022

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