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8 Genius Tips We Learned From Hailey Bieber’s Date Night Beauty Routine

8 Genius Tips We Learned From Hailey Bieber’s Date Night Beauty Routine

Some people wind down for the night by lighting a candle and settling into a good book, some people sip a glass of wine and run a bath, and some people take an evening jaunt around the block with their dog. Us? We binge-watch beauty tutorials. 

Last night, while scrolling through our Instagram FYP, we stumbled upon a video of Hailey Bieber. The founder of skincare line Rhode always rocks a glowy look. In fact, she’s the queen of Instagram’s current ‘clean look’ trend, you know, next-level glossy skin, natural toned makeup, and slicked back hair, so we were excited to see Mrs. Bieber drop some beauty tips on the social media platform. For her most recent instalment, Bieber chose to showcase her date-night skincare and makeup routine. As she describes it in Vogue’s video, it’s her go-to “glowy going-out” makeup look. Fun fact: A lot of her inspo comes from ‘90s supermodels, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you want her iconic ‘glazed donut’ skin, here are some bite-sized, super-fast takeaways. Keep scrolling. 

7 Genius Tips We Learned From Hailey Bieber’s Beauty Routine

Image Credits: YouTube

Tip #1: Begin Skin Prep With A Toner

Hailey Bieber starts her skincare routine with a toner. “I love any toner that is great for hydration and helps to give you that glow,” Mrs. Bieber said. The model uses her palms and hands to press the formula into her skin.

Tip #2: Use Your Serum + Eye Patches In Place Of A Separate Eye Cream

Hailey Bieber completed her skin prep by applying Rhode’s Glazing Fluid, followed up by the brand’s Barrier Restore Cream. But instead of opting for a separate eye cream altogether, she goes back in with the Glazing Fluid, lightly applying it underneath her eyes before popping on eye masks.


Tip #3: Mix A Lil Bit Of Serum With Your Foundation For Glowy Skin

The star is a fan of the super-natural skin look, she prefers to diffuse the coverage by taking one plump of Rhode’s glazing fluid and mixing it into her hands with the foundation. But the beauty secrets don’t stop there! Bieber likes to apply said concoction with her hands – no brush or sponges necessary.

Tip #4: Swap Your Foundation With Concealer For More Coverage

Bieber concentrates the application of concealer under and around her eyes; around her nose, chin, and T-zone, and, last but not least, right underneath her cheekbones, which she feels gives her a more sculpted look.

Tip #5: Say No To Harsh Contour

As Hailey applied a liquid contour lightly around her cheekbones, temples, forehead, and nose, she explains that she gravitated towards creamy, hydrating formulas and doesn’t like to go for harsh cuts with contour.

Tip #6: Don’t Forget To Add Some Razzle-Dazzle For Date Night

“I always love a little razzle-dazzle, a little sparkle, especially if it’s a date night or more of a special occasion,” the model said.


Tip #7: Skip Mascara On The Bottom Lashes

“Recently, I haven’t been liking to put mascara on my bottom lashes – only on the top,” reveals Bieber. “ Just because I feel like it’s more fresh looking.”

Tip #8: Try Enhancing Your Natural Lip Colour

“I really love my natural lip colour, so…anytime I can find products that feel like they enhance it, I definitely gravitate toward those products,” she said. Bieber loves keeping things ultra-simple by overlining her lips with a lip pencil and topping everything off with a lip gloss. While the model subtly overlines her entire bottom lip, she only overdraws the Cupid’s bow of her top lip, and for the rest, she stays within her natural lip line.

Use these tips to get that incredible glow RN!

Featured Image: Instagram

22 Jul 2022

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