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Hailey Bieber's Skincare Ritual For Glowing Skin

Hailey Bieber Dishes The Deets On Her 8-Step Morning Ritual For Glowing Skin

For most of us, the lockdown has been wreaking havoc with our skin, so seeing the ins and outs of celebrity skincare routines is all we are doing at the moment. The good news is that we have considerably more time on our hands to up our beauty game. And this time we are taking inspiration from the ultimate queen of all things beauty i.e, Hailey Beiber. Hailey Beiber is an outspoken beauty enthusiast and is widely popular in the social media universe because of her stand-out style. While the launch of her brand ‘Rhode’ is on the radar and the nestling beauty brand already seems to have its own IG account, Haley is also the face of many skincare brands including BareMinerals.

Mrs. Beiber recently took to youtube to give us an exclusive breakdown of her seven-minute beauty regimen. Haley swears by this routine to keep her skin radiant and glowing. Want to know more? Keep scrolling.


Dull Skin? Who?


Here’s Your Cheatsheet To Get That Lit-From-Within Glow!

Step 1: Use A Hydrating Face Mask



TBH, we never considered a face mask as a staple in our morning skincare ritual. But Haley’s routine got us thinking as she never skips a sheet mask when she wants to set a base for glowing skin. “I wouldn’t do a mask every single day, obviously, but when I want a little bit of an extra glow, I go for a nice calming, hydrating mask,” she said while massaging her favourite mask into her skin. 

Step 2: Layer It With An Eye Mask



We can totally use this hack to wake up sleepy eyes before our a.m. zoom calls. The product that the model uses to do the trick is the gold eye mask. She applied the pair of under-eye masks right on top of her face mask to bring even more brightness to her eye area. She explained that she lets both products work their magic on her skin for at least 10 minutes.


Step 3: Use A Massaging Tool


For days when she wakes up with extra puffy eyes, Beiber uses a vibrating beauty bar to massage on top of her under-eye mask. She likes to run it using long, sweeping motions starting from the inner corner of her eyes and out for up to a minute on each side. “I love facial tools; I’m obsessed with them. Give me any facial tool. I’ll try anything,” she explained. If you don’t have a gold beauty bar, jade rolling the are will do the trick.


Step 4: Wipe It Off Using A Cream Cleanser



Yes, we agree, this one took us by surprise. Beiber chose to wash off the dried mask with a cream cleanser instead of just water. “I don’t necessarily think you need to rinse a mask off with a cleanser, but I like to so there’s just nothing excess left on my skin,” she explained. The key here, she said, is going in with a gentle cream cleanser, as opposed to a foaming one that could leave the skin feeling overly dry or tight. The model uses this as yet another opportunity to give her face a good massage while working the cleanser into the skin.


Step 5: Apply Peptide Serum On Clean Skin



She really, really loves her peptides. “I think that it’s one of the best ingredients to use. It’s one of my favourite ingredients,” she added. She likes to lock in the hydration by applying a peptide serum. She does it while the skin is still slightly damp. She also called out hyaluronic acid and niacinamide as a couple more ingredients she loves.


Step 6: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize



While moisturizer is considered a step we can’t skip out on. Bieber said she often skips this step. She explained that she would usually head straight in with sunscreen, but since she was looking for radiant skin for a long day ahead, a Lil moisturizer was applied for good measure.

Step 7: Work That Face Oil With A Face Sculpting Wand


Next, Beiber takes a tiny bit of face oil to tap on that supple, glow. “I always try to be really careful when I’m talking about oils or recommending oils for the skin because it doesn’t work for everybody,” she explained. And while her skin is still silken with that oil, she uses a pulsating facial device to help stimulate blood flow and get that naturally flushed skin.


Step 8: SPF Is A Must



And just like us, Bieber considers this step as the most important. “I am very big on SPF and I don’t leave the house without it; I don’t go to work without it. Even if I’m just working from home and I’m inside the house, the sun rays still hit you through the windows.” Bieber said. She then uses a quarter-sized drop of her beloved formula, massaging it all over her face and paying special attention to the often-neglected areas like the neck and eyelids.


Use these hacks to get that incredible glow RN!

Featured Image: Instagram

20 Apr 2021

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