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From Kasavu To Kanchipuram, Here Are 10 Kerala Wedding Sarees That Will Ensure All Eyes Are On You

From Kasavu To Kanchipuram, Here Are 10 Kerala Wedding Sarees That Will Ensure All Eyes Are On You

There is something undeniably charming about the South Indian bridal look. The magic, of course, lies in the gorgeous six yards. This holds especially true in the case of Kerala wedding sarees. Be it the pristine kasavu that Kerala brides wear for their temple ceremony or the glorious Kanchipuram sarees that they put on for the reception, we are in awe of the Malayali bride. In fact, so smitten are we with these glossy drapes that we are constantly on the lookout for the most gorgeous ones. Seriously, we kid you not! Scroll through for our curation of 10 Malayali aka Kerala wedding sarees that will have you convinced that we truly are obsessed with them.

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  1. Kerala Wedding Sarees

Kerala Wedding Sarees

The Malayali or Kerala wedding sarees are beautiful because of their glorious zari and the precision with which they are draped. They literally make you look and feel like a Goddess. Here are 10 such sarees that will surely live up to that reputation:

Kerala Kasavu 

It’s almost impossible to open this listing without a gorgeous kasavu. A sharp departure from an otherwise vibrant array of Indian handicrafts, Kerala’s Kasavu is unlike any other handloom drape in India. Considered auspicious by the Malayali community, the Kasavu is intricately interwoven with Kerala’s cultural legacy. The traditional Kasavu saree is minimalistic and generally can be identified by a plain cotton body and the zari border which can be made with anything right from real gold and silver zari to semi-precious ones. This pure kasavu by Utsav Fashion can be taken as the quintessential Kerala wedding sarees.

Kasavu With Motifs 

For brides who’d like to add a bit of colour to their pristine kasavu look, a Kerala wedding saree with motifs would be a great pick. You can explore some vibrant silk saree blouse designs to further elevate the look.


Scarlet Kachipuram

Bright red bridal finery will always be integral to Indian culture and this scarlet Kanchipuram by Nalli is a sure shot hit. The Jacquard design of this Kerala wedding saree gives it a regal appeal and we love the tinge of green running through its border giving it a subtle contrast.

Pastel Kanchipuram

If you happen to be a bride-to-be looking for pastel Kerala sarees for weddings, this peach and blue stunner should be on your short list. From the minimal floral motifs to the delicious contrast, everything about this saree screams contemporary glamm.

Tissue Kanchipuram

For brides who are drawn to the sheen of the Kerala wedding sarees, a tissue Kanchipuram would be a great pick. With gold zari running throughout the body, there is a certain grandeur about this saree and they can really give your gold jewels a run for their money.

Gold Kanchipuram

A gold Kanchipuram comes quite close to a tissue saree when it comes to the grand appeal. While you’d find a gold brocade body with a number of coloured borders, it is the gold and red combination that will always remain a classic hit. This Kerala wedding saree will not disappoint.


Pure Zari Kanchipuram

Sans an iota of doubt, pure zari Kanchipuram last longer and are heirloom pieces. You get married only once and a saree with pure gold zari will be a good choice if you can afford one. We have taken it up a notch with an ikat bandhani Kanchipuram that will always be the most unique pick in your saree arsenal and would be the perfect piece to pass on to the next generation.

Printed Jaal Kanchipuram

Here’s another unique pick by Kanktala. Instead of the regular zari embedded body, this one features a floral printed jaal. It’s unique, can be styled in a number of ways, and is going to be an Insta hit for sure. Well, we say you keep your saree quotes & captions for Instagram ready if you plan to invest in this Kerala wedding saree. Oh and do not forget to look out for some net blouse designs if you really seek to kill it in the style department with this beauty.

Striped Kanchipuram

This again is a rather unique Kerala wedding saree that has our eye for its dual shade of red and the geometric pattern of the weave. Pair it with a heavily embroidered blouse and you’d be gold. (Pun intended)

Solid Kanchipuram

Seen a ton of Kerala sarees for weddings by now but haven’t found the dream pick yet? Might we suggest this minimal saree that comes with a neat body with its fuchsia colour doing all the talking?


So brides, all set to finally invest in your Kerala wedding saree?

Featured Image: Instagram

21 Mar 2022

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