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#ManiMonday: 7 Times Kendall & Kylie Made Us Jealous With Their Absolutely Perfect Nails

#ManiMonday: 7 Times Kendall & Kylie Made Us Jealous With Their Absolutely Perfect Nails

When we think of beauty, one family that has changed the game for the entire world is the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Kim K introduced us to the highlighting and contouring routine where we trick light itself to make our face look more sculpted. Even with Kylie’s lip kits and now a hoard of other makeup and skincare products, almost everyone is jumping on the 10-step makeup routine when they step out of the door. And why not, who here doesn’t like to keep up with the Kardashians!

In the spirit of Monday, correction #ManiMonday, here’s looking at the level of the Kardashian/Jenners’ attention to detail–their nails. Did you know that the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, are super-particular about making their nails look picture perfect like all the time? Yup, the Victoria’s Secret angel and the beauty mogul pay some serious attention to their manicures, and honestly, we don’t see why not!

Here Are 7 Times Kendall & Kylie Killed It With Their Manicures

Trust us, you’ll want to take out your fave nail colour and have a little pamper session after you see these.

A Burst Of Neon Is Always Welcome

If you’re a neon lover but don’t want your nails to look like those stop signs, going for subtle (but statement) nail art like this is a great option. Kylie’s gorgeous star nails are totally red carpet ready!


A Vampy Shade For The Coming Fall

Kendall’s deep burgundy nails are perfect for the fall and winter months. The best part? They’re oh-so-easy to recreate! So, if you’re in the mood, we’re game and here’s a perfect suggestion to get started.

Animal Print Everywhere

The young Jenner recently shared a picture of her oval manicure where she rocked multiple prints at once. Besides tiger print and cow print, we saw some iterations of the polka dot too. Love! So, the next time you’re feeling indecisive, get on the mix and match bandwagon.

Let’s Get Nude

Remember when Kendall Magnificent Jenner rocked nude nails like nobody’s business?! She clearly has a thing for keeping it simple and pretty, and if that’s your nail style too then you can absolutely rock the classic trend ‘coz it’s never going out of style.

You Can’t Go Wrong With White

Kylie showed off her all-white nails on Instagram, matching them with her white robe, and OMG it looked superb! These go with just about any outfit while still making a statement, so let’s nail it already, shall we?


Clean, Clear And Classic

Just like Kendall, if you want your nails to look presentable yet natural, simply apply some clear gel nail paint or a top-coat and viola! They will look shiny and beautiful and also understated. So, for a quarantine barely-there nail look, give this a swipe, won’t you?

For That Monochrome Lewk

Trust Kylie to match her nails to her accessories (read Hermès bag). While we may not have the money to spend lakhs on a handbag, we sure can match our nails to our Zara tote, can’t we? This all-pink look is simple yet stunning and is also a great way to show off your fresh mani aesthetically on Instagram!

Ready to nail it like the Jenner sisters? We sure as hell are!

Featured Image: Instagram

24 Aug 2020

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