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Ahead Of Koffee With Karan Season 7, Here’s A Throwback At Kareena Kapoor’s 7 Sassiest Moments On The Show

Ahead Of Koffee With Karan Season 7, Here’s A Throwback At Kareena Kapoor’s 7 Sassiest Moments On The Show

If we were to describe Kareena Kapoor as her movie characters, we’d call her a curious mix of Geet from Jab We Met and Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. She is her own favourite, super stylish, and candid as hell. And credit needs to be given to all those Koffee With Karan episodes that introduced us to the enigma that is Kareena. Karan Johar’s chat show showed us the real side of Bebo and introduced us to her firebrand sass, the one that we are big fans of. And guess what? We just made a list of all the Koffee With Karan-Kareena sassy moments that left us asking for more. Scroll ahead to see what we’re talking about: 

Kareena Kapoor In Koffee With Karan

Koffee With Karan and Kareena Kapoor is a match made in heaven. We have always loved Kareena taking over the Koffee couch and here are seven moments from the chat show that are proof that no one does it like Bebo:

When She Was Asked About Her Fave Actress On KWK

When Kareena said “Main apni favourite hun” in Jab We Met, she meant it. She is legit her own biggest fan. In fact, she candidly told Karan that she thinks she is the best actress in Bollywood. Consequently, Karan had to ask for her second favourite actress and Kareena had the sassiest answer ready. “If there is ‘act’ in ‘actress,’ then Priyanka Chopra,” she said. 

Hotstar – koffee with karan priyanka and kareena

When She Gave Her verdict On The Taimur Ali Khan Dolls

This was when the Taimur phenomenon was at its wildest and the nation was going gaga after the cutest Nawab. During Koffee With Karan’s Season 6, Episode 19, the host started talking about Taimur. He then mentioned how Taimur dolls were being sold in the market and Bebo was quick to retort and said, “I’m sorry to say that looks like Chucky the doll and doesn’t look like Taimur Ali Khan. Strange blue eyes, some scruffy hair, and bandhgala do not make him my son.”

When She Talked About The Papparazzi 

The coolest part about Koffee With Karan is that Karan is never scared of starting topics that others won’t even dare to touch. During one such conversation, he started talking about how some celebrities actually call paps before heading out. He then asked Kareena, “Have you ever called the paps?” The actress did not have to think twice before saying, “I don’t need to.” She then toned it down by adding, “I tell them, “Don’t come please.” I have no more gym clothes. I only have pyjamas. Can I please come in them, do Pilates and go home?”

Alt txt – koffee with karan kareena


Bebo’s Main Apni Favourite Hoon Moment

One thing that Koffee With Karan’s host really loves to do? Coming up with new filmy pairs! However, it does not always go as planned, especially when Karan has a guest who can match his wit. Something similar happened when Karan asked, “Besides Saif who do you think you look good with on-screen?” Bebo very nonchalantly replied, “I think I make everyone look good,” and we know, deep down Karan was super proud. 

When She Pulled Karan’s Leg

Karan and Bebo are old pals. This is why every Koffee With Karan episode starring Kareena gives us a lot of funny moments, witty remarks and jibes. Kareena also knows how to pull Karan’s legs while meaning well and she did exactly that when complimenting him for all the work that he had been getting. “You are in every ad, every show, every TV channel. Put on the channel and my mother says, Karan Johar aa jaata hai,” she said and everyone was left in splits. 

When She Was Asked About Competition 

Every time you ask Kareena about her competition or the leading actress in the Hindi film industry, be sure of the answer. Karan, however, still tried probing Kareena one more time by asking, “The bigger competition if you have any, between Deepika and Alia?” But Kareena being Kareena, smartly dodged it by saying, “My biggest competition right now is my son.” You could tell from the glee on Karan’s face that he was expecting exactly that. 

Hotstar -kareena kapoor in koffee with karan

When She Dropped Hints On Ranbir’s Love Life

Koffee With Karan’s Season 4, Episode 2 was one of the best ones to date because it gave us a sneak peek of the relationship that Kareena shares with her cousin Ranbir Kapoor. Throughout the episode, she was in a mischievous mood and kept pulling Ranbir’s leg by hinting at Ranbir-katrina Kaif’s relationship. At one point, the host and Bebo ganged up and Karan said, “C’mon Ranbir! Just say it. Say that you love her.” However, Ranbir tried avoiding that by saying, “I love Kareena,” but Bebo showed quick wit and quipped, “just add a ‘T’ to the name.”

Well, isn’t Kareena the sassiest Koffee With Karan season 7 guest ever?

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29 Jun 2022

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