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Karan Kundrra Rushed Tejasswi Prakash To A Doctor After A Task Went Wrong & We Are So Worried!

ShivaniShivani  |  Oct 26, 2021
Karan Kundrra Rushed Tejasswi Prakash To A Doctor After A Task Went Wrong & We Are So Worried!


When it comes to the captaincy tasks in Bigg Boss, it is often a bloodbath (sometimes quite literally)! The latest season of the show is no exception, but in the last episode, the limits were certainly pushed. ICYMI, Bigg Boss 15’s captaincy task left television star Tejasswi Prakash in dire need of medical assistance. Shocked? We are too!

The motive of the task was quite simple: the housemates had to make the contender leave the seat, and they could try anything to make it happen. During the task, singer Afsana Khan was one of the contenders and the housemates tried their best to make her quit the game. To make things tough for the singer, Tejasswi got talcum powder to pour on Afsana. Unfortunately, the plan backfired and the Swaragini actress ended up inhaling the powder instead! She instantly got coughing fits and everyone around her got worried. Soon, her condition worsened and everyone was shocked to see her gasping for air.

The housemates called for medical help but telly actor Karan Kundrra decided to not wait for anyone to come inside the house. Like a true gentleman, he lifted Tejasswi in his arms and took her to the doctor. Can we take a moment to say, what a knight in shining armour!

After this incident, one thing is pretty evident and it’s that Karan has strong feelings for Tejasswi! In an earlier episode, the actor had confessed that he likes the actress. While talking to singer Akasa Singh, he said, “I have a crush on her (Tejasswi Prakash) Hai vo comedy life mein thodi si, extremely cute hai, acchi bandi hai (She is funny, she is extremely cute and is a good girl).” 

Later, he also told Tejasswi that he is ‘extremely fond’ of her. He said, “Mujhe expression issue hai (I have an issue with expressing my feelings). I wasn’t happy when you went inside the house. I was even making faces if you remember. It took a lot for me to actually say, ‘Teju, I miss you a lot.’ You be you…I am telling you that I need to be given rights. So now that you know, I will be there for you”

Now, Karan has proved that he is a man of his words!

Now, we don’t know what the future holds for #TejRan, but there is no harm in dreaming about a happily ever after for the two, right?

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