Is Kangana Ranaut In Love? The Actress Just Revealed Her Shaadi Plans & We Are Beyond Excited

ShivaniShivani  |  Nov 11, 2021
Is Kangana Ranaut In Love? The Actress Just Revealed Her Shaadi Plans & We Are Beyond Excited


Love her, hate her but you can’t ignore her — this phrase fits Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut perfectly. While there have been moments when her statements left us scratching our heads we do admire her guts! 

ATM, Kangana is one of the busiest stars in B-town. She is shooting for multiple films and also setting up her own production house. While we are super impressed by her commitment to work, we are also curious about her personal life and romantic status!

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If you are too, then we finally have an update for you! The diva decided to spill the beans on her shaadi plans and left us excited AF. In a recent event, she shared, “I definitely want to be married and have babies. I see myself as a mother five years down the line and as a wife, and of course, as someone who is actively participating in the vision of new India.”

When Kangana was asked about her relationship status, she shied away from giving any definite answer. However, the actress did say, “You will know soon.”  

BRB, we are just gonna manifest Kangana Ranaut‘s wedding announcement! After all, what’s better than the Queen actress finding her match?

Things are looking up for Kangana for sure! The diva recently added another feather to her hat after she received the Padma Shri honour, which is the fourth-highest civilian award in the country. 

Kangana took to the ‘Gram to share her statement after the Padma Award 2020 ceremony. She penned, “As an artist, I’ve received several awards, honours, love and acknowledgements. But for the first time, I’ve been awarded by the government of India for being its loyal citizen, and I’m indebted for that. I started my career at a young age and got success only after 8-10 years. People often ask me why I do such things or what do I achieve by speaking out as this isn’t my work. I’d say, this Padma Shri is a reply to them. It’ll silence so many people. I thank my country from the bottom of my heart for honouring me. Jai Hind.”

Married or not, Kangana never fails to inspire us with her achievements! TBH, whosoever she picks as her partner will be lucky AF!

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