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Good Riddance! Here Is A Round-Up Of 7 Ludicrous Comments Recently Made By Kangana Ranaut

Good Riddance! Here Is A Round-Up Of 7 Ludicrous Comments Recently Made By Kangana Ranaut

Amid the second wave of the pandemic and the political unrest in the country, it is actually #RestoreKangana that has been currently trending on Twitter. The reason? Kangana Ranaut has been permanently suspended from Twitter after violating the microblogging platform’s policy on “hateful conduct and abusive behaviour.” 

Meanwhile, Kangana seems to be basking in blissful oblivion and thinks that she has been systematically targeted by Twitter (with no realisations about her problematic remarks). “I have many platforms I can use to raise my voice, including my own art in the form of cinema,” she has said after the ban. Now, you can either side with Kangana and question the Twitter ban or support it, the thing is that Kangana was banned for a solid reason. And while she might get as many platforms to voice her opinions as she likes, we’d like to make a case for why she shouldn’t. This is clearly not the first time that she has shared a problematic message on social media and here are 7 of the most ludicrous comments that the actress has made in recent times: 

When She Asked COVID-19 Patients To Plant More Trees To Deal With Their Oxygen Problems

While people in India died due to lack of oxygen and healthcare facilities last month, Kangana seemed to be on her own trip and clearly had no grasp of the situation. She started her commentary on the situation by coming up with a “permanent solution” for oxygen shortage and wrote, “Anybody who is feeling low levels of oxygen do try this please. Planting trees is the permanent solution, if you can’t then don’t cut them either, recycle your clothes, eat Vedic diet, live organic life, this is a temporary solution, for now this should help, Jai Shri Ram.”

However, she did not stop just there and went on questioning people who are currently using oxygen cylinders to somehow save their lives. “Everybody is building more and more oxygen plants, getting tons and tons of oxygen cylinders, how are we compensating for all the oxygen that we are forcefully drawing from the environment? It seems we learnt nothing from our mistakes and catastrophes they cause #Planttrees,” the actress tweeted. 

I mean it would have been nice had the actress acknowledged the painful situation that so many families are currently facing in India but she stuck to her forte by giving ludicrous advice. Also, can someone please tell her that the environmental oxygen has nothing to do with the compressed oxygen that is currently being used by COVID-19 patients?

When She Asked For The Tandav Makers To Be Beheaded


Back in January, Kangana’s account was temporarily suspended by Twitter after her volatile tweets on the Amazon Prime series Tandav. The show was under fire for apparently “hurting religious sentiments” and Kangana decided to add her two cents to the narrative by commenting on how the makers deserved penalisation. 

When She Could Not Tell The Difference Between Farmers & Terrorists


If there is one thing that Kangana never falls short of, it is her opinions! The actress has to comment on everything no matter how flawed and problematic that commentary might be. Naturally, she has a lot to say for the farmer’s protest as well. She kept tweeting about the agitation and it came to a point when she could not tell the difference between farmers and terrorists. 

When She Asked Rihanna To Quit Her Attempts Of Turning India Into A Chinese Colony Like The US

Rihanna was one of the first International celebs to show support for the farmer’s protest in India and it surely did not go well with Kangana who was constantly tweeting against the same. The actress got so pissed by Rihanna’s tweet on the situation that all logic escaped her the moment she started typing her angry tweet in which she referred to the US as a Chinese colony and the farmer as terrorists (yet again).

When The Feminist In Her Conveniently Died While She Pulled Down Another Women For Her Looks & Struggles

Kangana really did touch a new low when she decided to make fun of artist Priyanka Paul’s struggle with self-harm. “You have admitted you are suicidal, you are toxic, you even have a creepy appearance – what is it that you don’t have? Change that hairstyle ASAP and learn to meditate,” she wrote in response to one of Priyanka’s tweets. And while she might have called herself a feminist all this while, the actress did not show even an iota of remorse while commenting on the artist’s appearance or casually judging her and calling her “creepy.”

When She Thought That Depression Was A Consequence Of Drug Abuse

Mental health for Kangana has always been a make-believe concept. However, she really did take it too far when she casually announced that depression was actually a side effect of drug abuse. “Repeat after me, depression is a consequence of drug abuse. So called high society rich star children who claim to be classy and have a good upbringing ask their manager ,” MAAL HAI KYA?” #boycottBollywoodDruggies #DeepikaPadukone (sic).” The comment obviously gave the sleepless night to mental health professionals.

When She Became A Psychology Expert

Of course, it would be nice if Kangana started fact-checking before considering herself as the OG authority on every single topic known to mankind! However, we are guessing that her God complex prevents her from doing so. That explains why she never thinks twice or consults a professional before making sweeping statements on mental health. 

Now, mental health experts are obviously tired of her antiques and one of them recently called her out for her uninformed half-baked opinions. Clearly, no one saw it coming when Kangana in her response actually ended up declaring herself an expert in psychology. Where did that come from you ask? Apparently, she was taught the subject during a six-month course in screenwriting and then actually extended her psychology classes for two years. Well, here is a  message to whoever taught the subject to Kangana–it ain’t looking too good for ya, friend!

Honestly, Twitter has been feeling like a less ludicrous space since yesterday and we’d like to keep it that way!

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05 May 2021

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