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Jay Bhanushali & Pratik Sehajpal Engage In A War Of Words Again & It Just Got Really Ugly

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Oct 12, 2021


How many of you think that Salman Khan is a partial host? Pretty sure that we’ll see a show of hands because had the host been unbiased, he would have thoroughly scolded Jay Bhanushali for his foul language during recent Weekend ka Vaar. In the Saturday episode, while Salman was seen bashing Pratik Sehajpal for his antics, he had very little to say about Jay’s role in instigating the former and insulting him. Not even a mention was made of Jay’s problematic comments on Pratik’s body and family. In fact, he was praised for stopping it at swear words and not resorting to physical violence during the altercation. Unfortunately for Salman, all that mollycoddling seems to have backfired as Jay continues with his hyper-aggressive attitude in the house.

While Pratik and Jay did hug it out after the Weekend Ka Vaar episode and apologised to each other, looks like their war is far from over. The two were seen locking horns yet again in last night’s live and things have taken a turn for the worse. During a task yesterday, Jay and Pratik ended up getting in an aggressive fight and just like last time, the former ended up hurling problematic swear words. The actor came out unhinged during the fight and was literally seen threatening the reality show star. “Kya Karega? Mere ko marke dikha….mere saamne aana nahi. Main phaad dunga (what will you do? Come on, hit me. Don’t come in front of me or I’ll tear you off in pieces),” Jay said to Pratik during the squabble.

Pratik, who has anyway been in low spirits since the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, could not take the foul language and ended up breaking down after the fight. Both Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhat stood in his support through it all and were also seen calling out Jay for his use of abusive language. However, Jay did not listen to any of them and kept saying that it is okay to abuse and this is what he will continue doing if Pratik tries to mess with him. “Wo jis tarah se baat kar raha hai mere se…main use gaali hi dunga (The way he is talking to me..he will keep getting abused),” he was heard saying to Shamita during the fight.


The same had happened during last week’s fight between the two when Pratik got so enraged by Jay’s words that he ended up damaging the Bigg Boss set. Well, we aren’t exactly supporting the Bigg Boss OTT finalist here ‘coz we know that he has a way of getting on the nerves as well. However, the problem is that we are currently finding it hard to see any difference between Pratik and Jay. We definitely expected better from the actor and did not anticipate that the reality show will unleash his ugly side. Plus, irritating as he might be, Pratik has not used any foul language since day one in the Bigg Boss 15 house and surely, does not deserve to be insulted like that.

Here’s hoping that this opens Salman Khan’s eyes to Jay’s reality and the actor ends up getting an earful from him. That’s the least that he can do right now.

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