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What The Hell Jasmin Bhasin? We Have Some Questions About Last Night’s BB Showdown

What The Hell Jasmin Bhasin? We Have Some Questions About Last Night’s BB Showdown

Earlier this year when Salman Khan proudly announced that ‘Bigg Boss 14 dega 2020 ko karara jawaab,’ we could have hardly anticipated that what they were planning was some solid 2020 deja vu. To paraphrase it, currently, all hell is breaking loose in the Bigg Boss house and nobody seems to be giving two hoots about setting it right. This, of course, especially holds true for the Bigg Boss makers who have clearly turned their backs on the house rules this year. 

People are getting physically violent, pushing each other in the pool, getting evicted, and then coming back to the house the very next week. People are also leaving the house voluntarily (thus crumbling the entire Bigg Boss narrative of it being a game about mental strength and shiz) and then also coming back at their own whims. Well, now you know what we mean when we say that legit anything is happening in the BB house. 

And just when we thought that it could not get worse, Jasmin Bhasin and Rakhi Sawant‘s showdown in last night’s episode ended up proving that there’s, in fact, no stopping the Bigg Boss 14 madness. 

Last night, the fight started after Rakhi openly expressed her reluctance to share some coffee that she had actually won during a task. After being asked to share it with everyone, Rakhi got visibly miffed and started cursing the housemates. This did not go well with Jasmin and Aly Goni who then waged a war against Rakhi and it didn’t take too long before it turned ugly. And beyond everything else, it was Jasmin Bhasin’s serious lack of empathy that had us really shocked and we really would like to point out a few things here. So here it goes:

Can We Please Talk About All The Inappropriate Touching


Interestingly, Jasmin is one of those housemates who have always maintained that there is no difference between men and women and that it’s the intention that counts. In fact, she made a huge deal out of the “intention” narrative in the initial weeks of Bigg Boss after an altercation with Rahul Vaidya and how she was hurt because the man intended to hurt her and she could see it in the eyes. We are actually with Jasmin here. Yes, the intention counts! And that’s exactly why we want to understand what made it so normal for her to keep touching Rakhi’s face during their verbal spat and then go to the extent of kissing her? Would she have found it okay had some other contestant done the very same thing to her?  

The Violence Started Way Before Jasmin Thinks (Or Doesn’t) It Did


After the coffee altercation, Jasmin in a moment of plain malice got hold of Rakhi’s duck face that was given to her by Bigg Boss and started kicking it around the house with Nikki Tamboli. If you ask us, to pick somebody’s personal belongings and then kicking them around the house is an act of violence in itself and the aggression was very much apparent in Jasmin’s demeanour. However, she didn’t stop just there and ended up doing the unthinkable when she decided to forcibly make Rakhi wear that duck face without her permission. 

How Dare She?


Let’s put it as simply as we can here: say what you may but it was in a moment of plain spite that Jasmin made Rakhi wear that duck mask. Also, there was brushing and the mask did scrub through Rakhi’s nose! Just watch this video and you’d understand:

Wouldn’t have Jasmin raised all the hell, had she been at the receiving end of all this bullying?  We know she would have!

Where Is The Empathy?


For someone who talks so much about righteousness and being a good person, Jasmin really did take a 180 last night. Not only did she hurt Rakhi but also denied her pain and suffering by mocking her for crying. She kept repeating ‘natak kar rahi hai‘ on loop despite seeing that Rakhi was genuinely crying. She was also called out by Abhinav Shukla for doing that who asked her to sit back and stop mocking her. Even if Jasmin actually felt that Rakhi wasn’t hurt, she could have taken a step back just for the sake of empathy, right? Sadly, she kept denying Rakhi’s suffering even after Bigg Boss explicitly told the housemates that Rakhi had actually been hurt.

Lastly, is “kadi ninda” from Bigg Boss all the punishment that Jasmin Bhasin will get for all this? Because from where we see it, Jasmin deserves to be punished for all the prime time bullying that she managed to pull off on national television without any strict actions being taken against her!

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29 Dec 2020

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