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‘Don’t Sleep With Your Bra On’ aka The Biggest Myth Of Your Life – Busted!

‘Don’t Sleep With Your Bra On’ aka The Biggest Myth Of Your Life – Busted!

On the way back home from a long working day, all we think about is taking off our bras, changing into fresh PJs, and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S like it’s our own life story. And it’s in this order that we like to start whatever is left of our day. The moment the bra comes off, it’s a sweet release of agony.


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Yes, it’s a truly liberating experience. Plus, it’s good for your ta-tas as it allows them some room to breathe. But there’s a lot of debate around ‘to wear or not to wear’ bras at night. Let’s play a game to figure out the answer. I’ll write a few commonly heard statements about bras. You’ve to answer in a true or a false.

1. Sleeping in a bra is bad for you.

2. Sleeping in a bra can lead to breast cancer.

3. Sleeping without a bra can cause sagging.

4. Sleeping on your side will result in uneven breasts.

If your answer to all the above is ‘True’, then my friend, it’s about time we break all the myths! Sleeping in a bra is actually a matter of personal choice and comfort, well mostly. The truth is, there’s no scientific basis to any of them.

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If you’re pro to the idea of wearing bras at night, it could be for one of these reasons:

  1. It helps improve the shape of the breasts themselves.
  2. It helps prevent sagging.
  3. It helps to keep things, you know, the right side up.
  4. It feels more comfortable that way.

If the idea recoils you, it’s probably because:

You believe in the myths above.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but:

3 bra - penny the big bang theory

  • “There is certainly no evidence that sleeping in bras is either helpful or harmful,” says Dr Amber Guth from NYU Langone Medical Center. “Sagging or changes in the breast are due to a number of factors: Pregnancy and breastfeeding being the most common causes, along with time and gravity.”
  • There’s nothing wrong with wearing a bra while you sleep if that’s what you’re comfortable with. Sleeping in a bra will not make a girl’s breasts perkier or prevent them from getting saggy. And it will not cause a girl to develop cancer or stunt her breast growth.
  • It also depends on the size of your cups – if your breasts are larger than the average B-cup or C-cup, then you should definitely consider wearing a bra at night for support. This may help you with stretch marks as well.
  • If you are sleeping in the wrong kind of bra, then you could really run into some serious problems. I want you all to carefully read the “if” here. The bra you choose to sleep in shouldn’t be too tight or have parts that dig in: that could disrupt your sleep or cause breast irritation.

There are bras specially made for a comfortable sleep. Here are a few options for you to choose from:

1. Cami Bra

4 bra - Double Layered Cami Bra

No adjustable straps, no skin-digging buckles, cami bras are as comfortable to wear as a t-shirt. They provide a soft support for breasts keeping them in place all night and all day.

POPxo Recommends: Double Layered Cami Bra (Rs 389) by Jockey.

2. Slip-on Bra

5 bra - At Home Stretch-to-Fit Cotton Racerback Bra

Non-padded, wireless, a good 3/4th coverage, and a skin-friendly cotton fabric, this stretch-to-fit racerback bra is specially designed for sleeping and other at home activities. Wear it under your jammies or as it is.

POPxo Recommends: At Home Stretch-to-Fit Cotton Racerback Bra (Rs 293) by Zivame.

3. Bedtime Bra

6 bra - Bedtime Bra For NO SAG

Made from a soft and self-stretchable spandex for ease and comfort during the night, this sleep bra or bedtime bra is the best fit for all cup sizes. With seamless cups, it comes with a broad shoulder line for firm hold and centre front grip to keep them in shape.

POPxo Recommends: Bedtime Bra For NO SAG (Rs 290) by Glus.

Tell us in the comment section what other myths we can bust!

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28 Feb 2018

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