11 Common Bra Myths Every Girl Needs To STOP Believing!

11 Common Bra Myths Every Girl Needs To STOP Believing!

Bras and breasts have forever been a sensitive topic of discussion. Whether it’s our love-hate relationship with them or the fact that someone is always telling us something absurd about them, bras have just become an unavoidable part of our lives. Since there’s always so much talk around bras, so are these commonly beleived myths about them. So what are you waiting for? Read on, ladies...

11 Bra Myths You Probably Believed Your Entire Life

1. A Light Coloured Bra Is Less Visible

No girl wants her bra to be the highlight of her outfit or for it to be seen when it shouldn’t be. But if you really want to go undercover, light bras aren’t the solution. A lot of people think that wearing a white bra under white clothes will keep the bra from showing. In fact, a white bra will shine through your clothes making itself more visible than ever! What you need is a nude coloured bra to go incognito.  

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2. You Can Wear The Same Bra Two Days In A Row

Okay, pretty sure that most girls are guilty of doing this at some point! But ladies, your bra needs a 24-hour rest before you wear it again. It keeps the elastic from stretching out. Please be kind to your bra!

3. You Shouldn’t Wash Your Bra Too Frequently

Why not? A bra needs to be washed every time you wear it. The fabric wears out due to constant rubbing against the oils and dirt on your skin. So even if you feel like you didn’t sweat too much in it, please give it a wash after every wear! You wouldn’t wear the same undies without washing, right?

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4. NEVER Toss Your Bra In The Washing Machine

Of course, it’s true that bras need to be handled with care and all that, but let’s face it, it’s just a bra! Washing bras with your hands will make them last longer and keep the cups from getting damaged for sure. But if you’re a busy bee who doesn’t care much about bras and just can’t add this task to her to-do list, it’s all right. If you want to throw your bra in the machine, just hook it, put it in a mesh bag and give it a cold water spin. This way your bra won’t get spoilt too soon.

5. Bras Cause Breast Cancer!

Pretty sure a lot of us are guilty of believing in this one. But guess what, there’s no scientific evidence that proves this theory to be true. What a relief! *phew*

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6. Your Bra Size Is The Same For Every Brand

Sure you know your size but you can’t walk into the store and pick a 32B size blindly. Just because you’re a certain size, doesn’t mean it’s the same for every brand. Brands base their sizes on a real woman and base the rest of their line on her size. You can’t be sure about the fitting of a bra until you try it.  

7. A Good Bra Can Last For A Year (or more)

The average shelf life of a bra is about 6 to 9 months. If you’re making it last a year, you’re already pushing the limit. But expecting that the same bra can be worn for years together is not a great idea.

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8. Sleeping With A Bra On Will Keep Your Boobs Perky

Umm, NO! Thanks to the effects of gravity and childbirth, our breasts can eventually sag, even if it’s ever so slightly. There’s absolutely no evidence to prove that wearing a bra or not wearing one will result in the way your breasts look over time.

9. If You’Re A Busty Girl, You’Ll Wear Ugly Bras For The Rest Of Your Life!

Not true, not true! It’s a very popular belief that busty women wear boring bras because finding a pretty one in their size is impossible. Here’s one and two and three pretty bras to make you believe otherwise!  

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10. Sleeping On Your Side Will Result In Uneven Breasts

Believe it or not, we all have one breast that’s bigger than the other one. It’s natural and the idea of ‘uneven’ breasts in itself is a myth! Sleeping on either side won’t result in this magical phenomenon!

11. Not Wearing A Bra Will Make Your Boobs Sag

Not wearing a bra has absolutely nothing to do with this. Going braless makes your boobs take their original shape and doesn’t cause sagging at all. Other factors like age, childbirth, and gravity are the initiators of sagging.

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