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Bas Karo Yaar! The New Set Of Bigg Boss 15 Wildcards Are Making It Impossible To Watch The Show

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Nov 30, 2021


In the past couple of days, the latest set of Bigg Boss 15 wildcards have created havoc in the house. Sadly, all this drama is for no good and viewers are getting irritated by the latest turn of events in the show. It does not even feel like season 15 anymore and with so many old faces returning to the house, it is definitely giving us more deja vu than we can handle right now. To make things worse, these new contestants have walked in with an air of entitlement that is just too much to take and they are currently under the impression that they have changed the game for good. Well, someone needs to burst their bubble stat and considering that they’d be shown the doors as soon as they get into nominations, here are four things that we really wanna say to this irritating set of wildcards:

Everything You Do Does Not Qualify As Entertainment


This is the third time that Rakhi Sawant has entered the Bigg Boss house as a contestant owing to the unique brand of entertainment that she brings to the show. However, she has been appearing quite overconfident this time around and has already said a lot of problematic things in the name of entertainment. Just yesterday, she was heard making a homophobic comment on Rajiv Adatia and then tried to pass it off as entertainment. Earlier today, Abhijit Bichukale was also seen trying to insult Rajiv by saying something on the lines of how he is not an “asli mard.” Homophobia is not entertaining and is a serious problem that the makers need to take cognizance of. The least that they can do is call out these contestants for their uneducated and problematic comments. 

Itni Self Importance?


For a couple of days now, the wild cards are going on and on about their VIP privileges like a broken record. “Jo VIP bolenege wohi hoga (The VIPs have the last say),” is their standard reaction to every single argument and discussion in the house and they have literally been treating the non-VIPs like their slaves. Just yesterday morning, Rakhi and Abhijit created an entire scene during breakfast where one refused to have vegetarian food and the other refused to have non-veg. Consequently, the non-VIPs had to work extra in the kitchen and it has become a pattern now. In last night’s episode, Abhijit also tried hijacking Umar’s bed right after his arrival in the house. I mean, calm down guys, “VIP” is just a make-believe tag in the BB house that certainly does not make you the emperors of this world.

Ummm But Who Are You Exactly? 


Last night, Abhijit tried winning over Pratik Sehajpal by talking about how he had defended him in front of Salman Khan. He was basically referring to a fight that had erupted between Neha Bhasin and Pratik earlier this month and went on to the extent of saying “Maine bole main marunga us ladki ko jaakar. (I told Salman that I will go and beat that girl in the house.)” He then went on repeating “Main lada tere liye, main (I fought for you..I did).” Well, can someone please ask Mr. Abhijit, why is it such a big deal? Seriously, who cares if Abhijit randomly decides to fight for them? It is not like he is some big-shot celebrity or the Prime Minister of India. I mean he might want to be one but as Karan aptly pointed out last night, “Iske baad to colony ke elections bhi nahi lad paega (The way he has been behaving, he won’t even be able to fight elections in his own colony.)”

The Viewers Aren’t Stupid!


Since their entry into the house, some wild card contestants have been constantly targeting Shamita Shetty, Tejasswi Prakash, and Karan Kunddra. While Devoleena is going on and on about how Shamita is weak, Rakhi and her husband have been questioning #TejRan’s relationship. Now, while they might not realise it, the viewers can tell that all these are calculated attacks. Clearly, they want to piggyback on the popularity of big stars and the audience can see through the drama. 

Well, we always knew that bringing ex-contestants back to the show was a bad idea and the new wild cards are proving just that. Here is a piece of advice for Endemol–fire your ideation team RN!

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