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Plixxo Influencer Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar On Fatphobia & Learning To Rise Above It All

Plixxo Influencer Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar On Fatphobia & Learning To Rise Above It All

Don’t we all know that family uncle or aunty who wouldn’t miss the chance to taunt you the instant they feel that you have put on a little bit of weight? Yes…we hate them with a vengeance and honestly, it would be nice if people could just do their work instead of constantly analysing our bodies. Sadly, that’s not how things work in our society. And it is not just the colony wale uncle aunty who have their two cents to give on our body, weight and size. The recent Fat Tax controversy is proof enough. Back in November 2020, the internet watchdog Diet Sabya had revealed how the fashion industry continues to stereotype women’s bodies. They revealed that some of the brands were penalising plus-size women or indirectly levying what’s being called a “fat tax.” 

Well, that’s the ugly truth of the world that we live in and Plixxo Influencer Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar has had her first-hand experience with it all. Speaking about the same for #PlixxoUpCloseAndPersonal she shared, “We are judged on the basis of our bodies at every step of the way. The fear of becoming obese, aversion to, or discrimination against obesity or people with obesity, also known as Fatphobia is a not just a belief but a staunch mindset which has taken over many. We are made to understand at a very young age all the do’s and dont’s (mostly the don’ts) of what we as ‘FAT people’ should wear, how should we carry ourselves, conduct ourselves, breathe etc. etc.”


Tanvi also talked about the never-ending stereotyping and “advice.” She was constantly told about what to wear and what she “cannot” wear all because she had a certain body type. However, she soon realised that she deserved better, that everyone deserved better. “Don’t make yourself uncomfortable to accommodate other people’s comfort! Fashion has and always will be one of the most powerful means of expression for all you lovelies out there! But, I did it. I made sure that I try my best to simply practice what I preach,” she added. 

Today, Tanvi is one of the forerunners of the body positivity movement in the country. However, the journey has been anything but easy. She shares, “Building a community of #BodyPositive people has been the most amazing journey in my life, full of hardships, fun and questions. Constantly having to answer questions like, “How do you do it?”, “How can you be so confident?”. “You probably didn’t have friends and relatives telling you you’re fat or what to wear and how to live!”. I’ve heard all this and a lot more. From all those haters to those who find merit in what I believe, I myself have learned and grown into a pretty strong-minded woman.” 

Well, kudos to Tanvi for rising above all the criticism and stereotyping. However, we also believe that this is the kind of emotional labour that no one should be subjected to in the first place. As Tanvi concludes, “No one is perfect, but no one should feel that way too.”

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09 Jun 2021

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