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Dil Tote Tote Ho Gaya ‘Coz Shweta Shetty Is Back With A New Music Video After 20 Years!

Dil Tote Tote Ho Gaya ‘Coz Shweta Shetty Is Back With A New Music Video After 20 Years!

“Khidkhi pe aaun na bahar na jaun, kaise main saara din ghar main bitaaun…” is a mood these days, true. But any 90s kid will say “Deewane, deewane toh deewane hain” as soon as they hear these words! This song is undoubtedly one of the most popular 90’s songs in India. Sung by Shweta Shetty, who knew that one day these lyrics will become a way of life.

Apart from Deewane Toh Deewane Hain, the queen of Indie pop Shweta is also the voice of popular Bollywood songs including Mangta Hai Kya from RangeelaRukkumani Rukkumani from Roja, Poster Lagwa Do from Aflatoon and Dilli Ki Sardi from Zameen. Not to mention one of the most famous songs of the time, Dil Tote Tote Ho Gaya from Bichhoo.

And now, my 90s’ rock and roll side is jumping with joy after finding out that Shweta is back after 20 years with a brand new music video! Her new song Daro Na, in collaboration with Addy S, is a COVID anthem and has been made to instil positivity in people during these difficult times. Along with this, the 51-year-old singer has also created a YouTube channel called Shweta Singh & Addy S. Looks like we can expect more music to come from the duo, not that we are complaining.

Here is the full video!

According to the YouTube channel, this video was shot and edited at home using an iPhone. In fact, the vocals of the song were also recorded on the phone and later edited by Addy S within 15 days. Released on July 24 on the platform, the song already has over 50k views. However, it has not released on any official streaming platforms like Apple or Spotify yet.

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Around 20 years ago, Shweta left the music industry when she decided to move to Germany with her husband. That’s where she met Addy, only a few years ago. He had expressed his desire to work with her but it all happened when Shweta got stuck in Mumbai due to restricted travelling because of the virus. 

It truly was a very heartwarming conversation and we wanted to bring a positive outlook out of the prevailing situation and emphasise people for adopting a new mindset by uplifting each other with the joy and comfort of music. The whole motive behind making this song is to make people aware of their mental and physical health,” Shweta said in an interview with Warp Core.

Her voice with this new song is bringing back so many childhood memories. What do you think?

Featured Image: YouTube

04 Aug 2020

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