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11 AMAZING Indian Short Films That Every Girl Should Watch!

11 AMAZING Indian Short Films That Every Girl Should Watch!

If you like watching short films, you would definitely know how to appreciate a good one. It’s amazing how in such a limited time frame, a film can capture one’s heart, isn’t it? Here are 11 Indian short films every girl should watch at least ONCE in her life.  

1. Khamakha

You find the love of your life when you least expect to. Sometimes at a party, while you’re on a vacation, on a dating app, or even…on a bus. This short film is the cutest and we love the chemistry these two lovebirds share onscreen. A beautiful story with an equally wonderful message. We just love this short film directed by Aarti Bagdi!


2. India Tomorrow

You just know that when Imtiaz Ali makes a film, it’s going to be amazing – like this one for example. It shuts down stereotypes and has a powerful message too. Just goes to show that talent and intelligence can come from any corner of the globe!



3. Father’s Day Special

If you’re daddy’s little princess, you should totally watch this film that’s directed and written by Mohit Hussein. It will not only bring the two of you closer, but will also strengthen your bond. No matter how many times you goof up in life, he will always be there to welcome you back with open arms.


4. The Virgins

The question about virginity in an arranged marriage scenario has always been a topic of concern. The highlight of this short film is that it stresses about the importance and relevance of virginity in today’s times. This short film produced by humaramovie will surely give you goosebumps!



5. Interior Cafe Night

True love always finds a way. This short film by Adhiraj Bose is simply magical and will make you feel all mushy inside. Imagine what’s it like to meet an old flame after years of not hearing from each other… This short film will give you a glimpse of what that would feel like if it ever happens to you!


6. ABC

Happiness means different things to different people. It’s a temporary emotion, but can come from any source. If you run after it, it will run further away from you. The best thing you can do is sit back and take each day as it comes. That’s actress Sruthi Hariharan’s quest in this short film.



7. I Do Not Fit

Rejection is a part of life. The real challenge is learning how to deal with it and work on turning your flaws into your strengths. The key is to never be too hard on yourself. Accept who you are and only then will you find happiness and peace within yourself. The director and writer, Rukshana Tabassum, captures that idea beautifully in this short film.  


8. Ab Rab Havale

Ever wondered what it was like during the India-Pakistan Partition? This short film directed by Ritika Bajaj Vijra subtly highlights the struggles and hardships faced during that time. Take a trip down the memory lane and get ready to be amazed!



9. Move On: The Life Of A Woman

Just because a relationship doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean that you have to fret. Life goes on. Just like you, many women are stuck in similar situations – it’s how you handle it that makes the difference. Film Director Sharath Marepalli, at Innovative Films, shows us how to never give up hope and move forward in life.


10. The Breakup

Something about this short film by Bahaish Kapoor from LargeShortFilms makes us wish that the best friends become lovers at the end of the film. The story is truly magical and worth a watch. (We bet you’ll hold onto that tissue box by the end of it!)



11. The Dinner

This short film on opinions about marriage by Neeraj Udhwani may be a bitter pill to swallow for many. It talks about how marriage, as a concept, means different things to different people. If you’re intending to tie the knot soon, it’s important to be on the same page with your partner – by this we mean, emotionally, physically, and most importantly, mentally!


From these 11 amazing short films, which one did you like the best?! We’d love to know your favourite! XOXO

18 Nov 2016

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