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Independence Day Special: 5 Homegrown Makeup Brands That Are On Everyone’s Radar

Independence Day Special: 5 Homegrown Makeup Brands That Are On Everyone’s Radar

I remember getting super excited as a child, as my mother would tell me about her Lancome and Guerlain gifts from friends and family. “Back in the days, you would either wait for your trip abroad or your friends’ to get really good makeup,” she recalls. I cannot help but wonder how far we have evolved past those times. Not only do we have international makeup within the reach of few clicks, but easy access to brilliant Indian makeup brands. This Independence Day, we take some time to acknowledge a couple of homegrown brands that have changed the makeup game for the Indian beauty community.

Making Headlines

Here is a list of 5 headliner Indian makeup brands that have been a major part of all our beauty journies:


Comparatively new in the market, MyGlamm has given its consumers revolutionary formulas that are built to deliver optimum makeup results. Checking all the boxes with great pigmentation, long-lasting power, and a wide variety of shade selections, MyGlamm has been topping everybody’s favourites off late.

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Forest Essentials

Originally a luxury skincare brand, Forest Essentials has come out with equally luxe feeling makeup products. Combining the goodness of skincare ingredients with stunning makeup, Forest Essential hits it out of the park with every new launch.


The integral part of everybody’s makeup stash – Lakme. The OG kickstarter of Indian makeup, Lakme has come a long way from liquid foundations to best-selling lipsticks and compacts. If you tell me you’ve never seen a Lakme product in your house, then my friend, you are lying.


Founded in 2004, Colorbar is one makeup brand that has given its audience amazing makeup ranges ever since. From foundation to primer, and lipstick to eyeliner, they’ve got it all!


Elle18 is one of the best affordable makeup a beginner can get their hands on. While we have our favourite Indian luxury makeup brands, Elle18 takes the crown with affordable makeup with good quality. For our on-budget divas, this brand is a must-try.

Which homegrown makeup brand is your favourite?

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11 Aug 2021

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