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Bags By Indian Designers That Are Luxurious But Won’t Leave You Broke!

Bags By Indian Designers That Are Luxurious But Won’t Leave You Broke!

When it comes to luxury shopping, I can’t say I’ve met one girl who wouldn’t want to feel indulged. Designer bags are what most women have in mind every time the word ‘luxury’ comes up. Mostly because bags are more of an investment – they’re a utility fashion item, they carry your everyday essentials, and most importantly, you can repeat them without being judged for it.

The on-point quality, chic designs and the feeling of owning a luxury designer bag are all incomparable. However, the one thing that doesn’t sit well with us working gals is the price tag. While there are International as well as Indian designers that are especially known for their exquisitely crafted bags, shelling out that much cash is not something that comes easy.

If only there were designer bags that checked all the ‘luxury’ boxes bar the price.

Quit moping, broke girls, on reading more you’ll find a list of Indian designers that come with all the luxury perks but will make your wallets happy as can be:


1. Casa Pop

Indian bags 1

Shop from this label if you need a, for lack of a better word, pop of quirk in your bag line-up. Also, if you’re broke but can’t ignore your luxury cravings. From folk illustrations to designer snakes, these statement bags are edgy and won’t leave you cashless. Pick from bags that are priced from Rs. 3,500 onwards. Happy days!

POPxo recommends: Red Snake Motif Digital Print Clutch (Rs. 3,549)


Indian bags 2


Nothing says luxury like handcrafted bags that are made-to-order, does it? URMI’s signature style is dual toned woven bags. From sophisticated clutches to basket totes, her range consists of bags woven with recycled plastic, starting at just Rs. 3,600. Broke no more!

POPxo recommends: Green-Black Recycled Plastic Weave Tote (Rs. 4,500)

3. Nappa Dori

Indian bags 3

If you want an Indian feel to your luxurious bag collection, Nappa Dori is the place to find it. The label specialises in leather – from stationery to accessories for both men and women. For you, I recommend picking up one of their handwoven Ikat and leather designs, starting at Rs. 6,200. It’s not so bad being ‘young, dumb and broke’ is it?


POPxo recommends: Ikat Satchel Mini – Pink (Rs. 6,200)

4. Love To Bag

Indian bags 4

This designer bag label is here to serve your Indian occasion-wear needs. Whether it’s your sister’s sangeet or your BFF’s card party, there’s a bag for every party you’re heading to this year. Get lost amidst their luxurious collection of clutches and potli bags, carefully hand embroidered with exotic beads and stones – and you’ll be happy to know it begins at Rs. 2,950 only!

POPxo recommends: Pink And Gold Beaded Potli (Rs. 7,400)


5. Karishma Shah

Indian bags  5

One of the most attractive things about luxury bags is the exclusivity they come with. But who’s to say you can’t get the same with lesser-priced ones? Yep, Karishma Shah’s wooden clutch bags are super edgy and sophisticated. Handcrafted, with natural Indian rosewood and lined with pure suede, these clutches are priced from Rs 5,000 onwards.

POPxo recommends: Natural Indian Rose Wood Gold Brass Clasp Oval Clutch (Rs. 5,000)

6. Abhishek Kankaria

Indian bags 6


It’s common knowledge that embellishment is synonymous with ‘luxurious’. Tasteful bling is a must-have in your bag line-up, and evening bags by designer Abhishek Kankaria are a definite shoo-in. Also, the range has bags with sturdy shoulder straps which is superb, because clutches can get pretty difficult to carry. Don’t be sorry you’re broke, the bags’ prices start at Rs. 3,600.

POPxo recommends: Beige Pipe Beads and Crystal Embellished Sling Bag (Rs. 5,000)

7. Devina Juneja

Indian bags 7

Why just party bags, day to day bags can be luxurious too, can’t they? Devina Juneja is a designer label with edgy everyday bags that’ll transform your tee-jeans outfit and how. Her bags are priced from Rs. 5,900 onwards, so you can be broke and ‘treat yoself’ at the same time!


POPxo recommends: Bronze woven clutch with 3D details (Rs. 5,900)

8. Twelve AM:PM

Indian bags 8

When you’re spending wads of cash on a designer bag, it’s obvious you’d rather spend on a statement piece than a basic one. However, with Twelve AM:PM, you can own chic not-so-basic basic bags. Their range of shoulder bags, crossbody bags, totes and backpacks is totally value for money, with prices starting at Rs. 1,500. Lucky day for all us broke girls, yay!

POPxo recommends: Grey Satchel Bag With Hoop Handles (Rs. 2,000)

16 Mar 2018

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