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5 Indian Designers About The Most Cherished Fashion Item In Their Closet

5 Indian Designers About The Most Cherished Fashion Item In Their Closet

There’s always that one thing in your closet that you’ll always cherish. You know you have a favourite when you’re always looking for reasons to wear it; Or when you’re as possessive about it as you are about your boyfriend (or more, even). It’s like in a world full of basics, you’ve found the fashion equivalent of your soulmate. And watching the art that walks down the runway every season, I’m sure, you and I both have wondered what India’s best designers have in their personal closets at home. The guessing game can stop because I have the lowdown on their favourites, and how they style them:

1. Nishka Lulla

One of India’s most prominent designers, Nishka’s fun pieces are often spotted on B-Town’s leading ladies.

Most Cherished Item In Her Closet: “A gold South Indian metal belt that my mum passed on to me.”

How She Styles It: “It adds a vintage touch to any outfit, western or Indian. So, whether it’s a solid coloured dress or jumpsuit, or a lehenga or saree… it adds character to any outfit.”

POPxo recommends: SL Pearls Ashtalakshmi Kamarband (Rs. 6,000) by SL Pearls

2. Shweta Kapur


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Shweta is a Delhi based designer. She founded her luxury sportswear label, 431-88, in 2012.

Most Cherished Item In Her Closet: “My most cherished item is this draped skirt, which was a part of one of my first collection. It’s wrap-around and black so it goes perfectly with everything and is my go-to thing when I don’t have anything to wear.”
How She Styles It: “If it’s a meeting then I team it up with a crisp white shirt and some En Inde jewellery. If it’s for a night out then… with a crop top. Or on a rare chilled Indian occasion when I don’t want to dress up too much, I drape a stole with it and pair it with an embellished cropped jacket.”
POPxo recommends: Chaos Lungi Skirt (Rs. 15,360) by 431-88.

3. Kanika Goyal


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Designer at Kanika Goyal Label, she’s best known for her street chic slogan pieces.

Most Cherished Item In Her Closet: “The most cherished item in my closet is a black Chloé blazer. I bought it while I was studying in New York and have worn it countless times since then.

I wear a lot of black so it blends really well with the rest of my wardrobe.”

How She Styles It: “It’s extremely light so it’s perfect for travelling. Also, the silhouette is such that I can wear it for a casual as well as a formal event. For winters I usually style it with black sweater and leggings. I accessorise it with a heavy scarf and contrast moccasins.”

POPxo recommends: Crepe Blazer (Rs. 5,990) by Zara

4. Anavila Misra


On the streets of Paris! #sareeandme #linensaree #shibori #paris

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An Indian wear designer, Anavila brings something new to the table with her rustic organic linen sarees.
Most Cherished Item In Her Closet: I love sarees! The most cherished item in my closet is a natural colour linen saree with off white thin band on the bottom and silver selvedges.

How She Styles It: The beauty of this saree is that you can style it in different ways to wear it on different occasions. For a casual day look a white t-shirt or natural colour blouse, for an evening look, I will mix it with silver jari or a deeper tone of bark brown.

POPxo recommends: Sky Blue Plaid Summer Linen Saree (Rs. 15,500) by Anavila

5. Arpita Mehta


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A renowned Indian designer, Mumbai-based Arpita’s vibrant bridal ensembles are Bollywood-famous.

Most Cherished Item In Her Closet: “My most cherished item in my closest would be a hand embroidered purse by my grandmother, which has cream pearls and a red rose, made with her own hands. Firstly it’s beautiful, secondly, it’s absolutely vintage, probably made in the 50s. It’s unique.”

How She Styles It: “I always carry it with my pastel Indian outfits, and sometimes with fitted denims and a cami top, to create a vintage fusion look.”

POPxo recommends: White Pearl Embroidered Potli Bag (Rs. 4,600) by The Purple Sack

Published on Jan 26, 2018
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