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Flower Showers Take Over The Country, Armed Forces Pay Tribute To The COVID-19 Superheroes

Flower Showers Take Over The Country, Armed Forces Pay Tribute To The COVID-19 Superheroes

With yet another lockdown extension, as we sit and complain in the confines of our homes, it is the COVID-19 frontline warriors who are fighting the good fight on our behalf. However, from doctors being evicted from their homes to the essential workers being ostracised by their communities, we are constantly failing our COVID-19 heroes despite their unyielding efforts in the mitigation process. 

That these frontline workers deserve all the recognition and applause is stating the obvious here. As the world fights the novel coronavirus with no cures in sight yet, it is only fitting that we recognise the contribution of these frontline warriors in this indefinite fight and how they go about it undeterred.

To applaud our heroes in need, the Indian armed force performed “gestures of special gratitude” earlier today as the country watched in utter reverence and amazement. To extend their support to the Covid-19 heroes, air force flypasts, lit-up ships and special musical tributes by army bands took place across the country. As part of the tribute, fighter jets flew past across the length and breadth of the country as army helicopters showered flower petals on the COVID-19 hospitals. 

After the Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging the country people to clap from their balconies and light up candles to express gratitude to these frontline warriors, this is the third “gesture of special gratitude” by the country and the grandest one for that matter. 

“Our Armed Forces have always kept the nation safe. Even in times of disasters, they are out there helping people. Now, our Forces are, in a unique way, saying a big thank you to our frontline COVID-19 warriors for their endeavour towards making India COVID-19 free,” PM Modi tweeted on Friday.

The gesture of gratitude was initiated by the three service chiefs who laid flowers at the police memorial in Delhi to honour the police personnel who have been working tirelessly to ensure the proper functioning of nationwide lockdown. Following that as the fighter jets and air force flew over the city, it made for a quite a sight and here are a few images and videos that are sure to give you some goosebumps: 

Tri-Service Chiefs Paying Tribute At National Police Memorial

Image Source

Indian Airforce Helicopter Showering Flower Petals On The Police War Memorial

Indian Air Force Fighters Flying Over New Delhi

IAF’s Su-30MKI Fighter Aircraft Presenting Aerial Salute Over Guwahati

2XC-130 Aircraft Presenting Aerial Salute To The Covid Warriors Over Dal Lake & Sukhna Lake

INS Jalashwa Salutes Covid-19 Warrior In Bay Of Bengal

Image Source

Indian Army Band Performing Outside Haryana Govt Hospital

Image Source

Indian Air Force Helicopter Showers Flower Petals Over Trivandrum Medical College Hospital

Air Force Helicopters Showering Petals Over SMS Hospital Jaipur

IAF’s Su-30MKI Flying Over Mumbai

As those on the frontlines of this taxing battle put everything at stake, let us all respect them and extend gratitude for their efforts every day and not just on sporadic events every few weeks. For starters, we can all follow the lockdown protocols and be kind to those who have to step out of their houses for our good. 

Featured Image: Twitter

03 May 2020

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