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Just Like Your Body, Your Skin Needs Vitamins Too! Here’s Why

Just Like Your Body, Your Skin Needs Vitamins Too! Here’s Why

As humans, we’re very adaptive creatures and slowly mould our lifestyle to the new normal, whatever it may be. However, with the current pandemic, while you may have somehow adjusted to staying at home, working remotely, and spending time indoors, your skin may not have. 

This is why switching to vitamin-based skincare products may be helpful during this situation. You actually may benefit not only from the products themselves but also by spending some time pampering and looking after your skin. It’s that me-time you deserve and a long-drawn beauty regime also works wonders for your mental wellbeing. 


Here Are Some Beauty Benefits Of Vitamin-Based Products

From preventing premature skin aging to brightening up dull skin, these products are miraculous for all types of skin and will prove to be your quarantine besties for sure!

Help Fight Premature Skin Aging

At home, your skin is exposed to different kinds of lights- UV rays when you’re close to a window and blue lights been emitted from the gadgets around you. Your daily exposure to screens may be causing premature wrinkles or age lines. But because being offline isn’t really an option, you can switch to Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 products to help your skin cope. 

Vitamin 3 reduces risks of photoaging and Vitamin B3 is said to help appearances of pigmentation and dark spots. 



Smooth, Radiant Skin, Hell Yeah!

During the extremely hot and now sticky months, the AC in your house is probably on all day and night but did you know this dry air can cause your skin to look dull and dehydrated. Vitamin C ensures that your skin remains bright, supple, and hydrated. So dewy skin can now be achieved even without makeup. 

If you thought skin stressors and irritants were only outside the house but they can be anywhere. At home too we find pollutants that damage the deep skin tissues. Hence, choosing products that will repair the skin itself is beneficial. For this, Vitamin-C enriched products are great to add to your beauty regime. They help in increasing collagen protein synthesis and so assist in repairing skin from deep within. 


Break Free From Breakouts

Face masks and face shields are an absolute necessity these days when you’re stepping out of the house. But sometimes these can be the reason you’re breaking out more often due to the sweat and dirt residue trapped between the mask and your face. You could also be breaking out due to the added lifestyle stress because of living through a pandemic. Consider using Vitamin B5 products to maintain clear and healthy skin as it reduces the appearance of facial acne lesions.  

They Help In Repairing

Vitamin A, better known as Retinol is one of those can-do-and-will-do-it-all kinds of products. From anti-ageing to increased cell regeneration to fighting off acne, Retinol has the ability to refine your skin’s overall texture. Intrigued?

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Happy and healthy skin, here we come!

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03 Jul 2020

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