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#FashionDiaries: I Turned My Dadi’s Payal Into A Maang Tikka!

#FashionDiaries: I Turned My Dadi’s Payal Into A Maang Tikka!

I have always been a huge fan of antique silver jewellery and head accessories. Payals, nose rings, silver necklaces, haath phools – I have forever fancied everything that has been a witness of history – old, beautiful and timeless. My dadi happened to have a beautiful collection of silver jewellery. Just saying, she looked like a total bomb in her time! Fancy clothes, pretty jewellery – you name it and she had it all. I guess I got it from her – my love for gorgeous jewellery. Also read: #FashionDiaries: I Turned My Mom’s Saree Into A Gorgeous Dress! She was cleaning her wardrobe and going through her old stuff one day, when she decided to show me her jewellery while narrating the stories associated to each of them. She then packed them carefully and handed them over to me asking me to give it to my mom. She wanted to get rid of the jewellery, because according to her, it was obviously old and was not worth using. I took the packet from her telling her that I will re-purpose her old accessories. She agreed and I kept the jewellery. It had become a forgotten story till probably one year later, when I reopened the packet to go through the stuff again. For one of my blog’s fashion shoots, I had decided to go with the Banjara theme for which I needed old silver jewellery. internal payal as a maang tikka

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After going through the broken silver bits, I chose a pair of silver payals that had turned black along with an ear stud which had intricate detailing on it. I browsed the internet to get an idea of the banjara look, after which I decided to create a matha patti with the broken payal bits and the earring. I put the payals together by the ends to create the patti and joined them using the ear stud which I placed in the center. I used an earring stopper to secure all the three things together. Also read: #FashionDiaries: I Turned My Old Kurtis Into Funky Jackets! My fashion experiment turned out really well and I loved my get-up. I dressed up and went to my dadi. She was super surprised and happy to see me wear her old jewellery. So, this was my take on re-purposing old jewellery to create something new and totally fabulous. I wore my grandmother’s payal as a maang tikka and it looked amazing. My advice to you all is to think about creative ways to reuse old jewellery you have lying around instead of throwing it out. Who knows what treasures you can come up with!

03 Nov 2016

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