The First Time I Went On A Vacation… With *His* Family!

AnonymousAnonymous  |  Jul 24, 2017
The First Time I Went On A Vacation… With *His* Family!

What would you do if your boyfriend asked you to accompany his family for a vacation? I know that I freaked out! Here’s how it happened – I was always quite cordial with his family. He had introduced me to them as his girlfriend. Since they lived in Pune and I was studying in Mumbai, I visited them over the weekends many a times.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend was studying in Delhi so we used to meet only when he was in Pune during his vacations. It was during one such vacation that I decided to visit him for the weekend like I always did. It was a Sunday morning and I was planning to take a bus back to Mumbai the next morning when he asked me if I wanted to stay for two more days and go on a vacation with his parents and sister. I was flabbergasted, I didn’t want to say no but I didn’t want to say yes either.

I tried to tell him about how I could not miss my classes because of my already low attendance. But he kept insisting, ‘How often do you get to go on a vacation with your boyfriend?’ ‘A vacation with my boyfriend and his family,’ I corrected him. Even his mother insisted that I come along with them since I was already there. I could maybe think about saying no to my boyfriend but definitely not to his mother. So all their insistence worked and I said yes.

Internal vacation with my boyfriend - woman on phone

Initially, I felt super awkward. There was just something so personal about going on a vacation with somebody’s family. Even though it was just a few hours away to Lonavala. However, what was great was how nicely his parents looked out for me all through the trip. It’s weird being treated as someone’s girlfriend as if that is the only identity you have. His parents, however, talked to me like I was his friend and truly wanted to know and understand me.

They talked to me about my college life and my aspirations for the future. They joked with me and even left the two of us alone when we wanted to be. And even though I had my inhibitions about the trip, they began to disappear slowly as time went by.

The first day we just did some sightseeing before returning to our resort. After which his parents asked my boyfriend and me to go and take a walk around. His sister decided to join us but I didn’t mind that. It’s actually quite an overwhelming feeling when you feel like family with someone else. It’s overwhelming but it’s amazing. I was so glad I took those two days off and spent them with him and his family. It made it all the more certain that he is the one for me.

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