#BeautyDiaries: The ONLY Remedy That Stopped My Hair Fall!

Phalasha NagpalPhalasha Nagpal  |  Nov 1, 2016
#BeautyDiaries: The ONLY Remedy That Stopped My Hair Fall!


I was experiencing a lot of hair fall and I attributed it to the hard Delhi water with high magnesium and copper content and the high levels of pollution in our city. Every time I combed my hair, a chunk of it fell out and it used to make me really sad. And the days I washed my hair were even worse. I used to feel that my whole mane would flow down the drain, along with the shampoo and water. The situation was so bad that I started being haunted by nightmares of extreme hair fall. What I was experiencing was clearly more than the normal 100 strands of hair fall a day. In fact, it was more like 1,000 strands a day! So I tried switching to herbal shampoos and conditioners, but to no effect.

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As a result, I finally decided to fix this problem once and for all, to save myself from the sinking feeling each time I lost hair. The first step was to ensure that I had no nutritional deficiency causing such havoc in my life. So, I got my blood tests done and I was certain that there must be some nutritional deficiency. But to my surprise all the results were fine. Then I decided to turn to Mr. Google.

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Apart from attributing my hair loss to the obvious list of terminal illnesses, I found some home remedies to put an end to it. One was to apply onion juice to the scalp and a lot of people had written testimonies about the remedy actually working. Desperate to get my hair back, I thought it was worth a try. Yes, you heard me right, onion juice for my hair. And trust me, it was the worst decision ever. I don’t know if it really helped in stimulating hair growth, but I was surely surrounded by an aura of onion stench for quite a long while. It took me two weeks, five head baths at home and one at the salon to get rid of that mind-numbingly repulsive stench. Then I went for the next most popular remedy, the banana remedy. The article directed me to apply a mashed banana to my hair roots and voila, I would have a healthy mane in less than a month. So once again, I went for it. And this was my second worst decision ever. The banana didn’t help much, but the pieces surely got stuck in my hair. It took me three hair washes, aggressive combing and a lot of dedication, to rid my scalp of any banana remains. Exhausted with these remedies, I realized that Mr. Google had failed me. I now thank my stars that the very next week, I met an old friend, who suggested that I use one beaten egg with a spoon of organic olive oil on my scalp for hair regrowth.

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egg hair mask

She directed me to blend the 2 ingredients until they were well mixed and then apply it to my roots and throughout the length of my hair. Thereafter, I had to cover it up with a clean shower cap and leave it on for 1-2 hours. Finally, I was to rinse my hair with cold water and a mild shampoo. Extremely skeptical of using this egg hair mask on my scalp (given the fact that I don’t even like eating eggs due to the terrible smell), I still decided to give it a shot.

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The next day, I followed all the steps as directed by her. After washing and drying my hair after the two-hour egg and olive oil therapy, I was surprised to see the results. The hair fall was the usual during that head bath, but my hair felt softer and shinier immediately. Having repeated this egg therapy for over two months, now I can say with full faith, that it’s the best recipe for hair in the world. My hair fall really has decreased majorly, and my locks have become shinier, stronger and healthier. And as for the old worried me, the new me smiles and walks confidently with my hair down.

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