Chai Pe Bulaya Hai? Here’s How To Woo His Parents !

Nasrin ModakNasrin Modak  |  May 6, 2016


Found the love of your dreams? Awesome! Now comes the tricky bit – the realization that this may lead to something lasting and hence the mammoth task of meeting, getting to know, and being liked and accepted by the parents. Sounds scary? With us by your side, you never need to worry! Here’s our fabulous to-dos to woo his parents.

1. Research, Baby, Research!

Without being too invasive, find out as much about his family as you can. Things like what his parents do, their likes, dislikes, their hobbies, things they are passionate about, etc. Ask him. No one will know them better than their son. Be sure you are aware of touchy issues and avoid them as skilfully as you can. Keep a tab on all the knowledge and information you pick up and use them wisely. Learning up names of extended family members is an added bonus.

woo his parents

2. Be Punctual

Don’t be late! The traffic situation in your city is the stuff of legends? Start two hours before time if need be, but don’t be tardy – it’s disrespectful to make others wait for you.

woo his parents

3. Gift of Love

We all love giving and receiving gifts. Just make sure it’s the appropriate one (this is where the research bit will help). A box of chocolates is the safest, but you will score extra points if you put some thought and get bespoke presents, like his mom’s favourite perfume, or his dad’s favourite brand of tie.

woo his parents

4. Watch What You Wear

No one is asking you to go obedient, submissive bahu-way, replete with a long ghoongat, but you certainly don’t want to look too sloppy either. Stay away from mini skirts, see-throughs and anything that shows off your cleavage (no matter how liberal his parents are). And don’t -please don’t – wear too much makeup. Simplicity is the key.

woo his parents

5. Talk Easy

One can showcase one’s intelligence and personality without resorting to a dampening overkill. Be extremely ready on the uptake when it comes to ice-breakers, and always make conversation that involves everyone present around you. If your research says his dad loves cricket, go read up a bit on the latest happenings (even if you hate it altogether). Current affairs are safe too, but stay away from arguments that never end and come across as overbearing. No crazy-nights-when-you-got-drunk-with-their-son stories either.

woo his parents

6. Show Admiration

Shower compliments on his mom’s cooking or his father’s fine taste in home décor, and of course for raising their son as a fine gentleman. But please make sure that you don’t sound like the teacher’s pet whom everyone hated in class.

woo his parents

7. Know Your Manners

It is understandable if you feel nervous, but make that extra effort to be polite, gentle and full of grace. Don’t forget your “please”-s, “thank you”-s and “sorry”-s. Also don’t be surgically attached to your phone (yes, we know your office will collapse without you, still!). Trust us, the niceness will pay off. And hey, a strict no-PDA policy in front of them will only do you good.

woo his parents

8. Offer To Help

It could be anything from setting the table to offering to babysit his sister’s newborn, or helping out with whatever you can. Even if they don’t need your help, they’ll appreciate the sentiment and you’ll earn extra brownie points too.

woo his parents

Above all, relax, calm your nerves and smile all along! If you are comfortable with your prospective in-laws, you will be genuinely happy around them and that will shine through effortlessly. Don’t judge or form opinions too easily; they will just foreclose possibilities of dialogue and that is never good. Just keep in mind that if their son fell in love with you, they will too!


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