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How To Wear Heels All Day Long (Without Wanting To Kill Yourself!)

When we’re out shopping, it’s pretty hard to resist picking up a pretty pair of high heels! But the real challenge is when we actually try to wear them – and survive the whole day! If you know exactly what we’re talking about, here are some tricks that could help you (like us!) survive in heels from morning to midnight!

1. The Perfect Fit

how to wear heels perfect

If you’re out shopping for a new pair that you want to survive long hours in, make sure you try them on late in the afternoon or in the early evening as your feet tend to swell up progressively through the day. (Don’t try them on too late in the evening then, because then you’ll end up with shoes that are way too loose on your feet if you’re putting them on first thing in the morning!)

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2. Go For A Rounder Toe

how to wear heels round

Pointy-toed shoes end up squishing your toes together, which makes them uncomfortable for the whole day. Opt for a rounder shape or peep toes instead to avoid the awkward stumbling.

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3. Walk In Wedges

how to wear heels wedges

If you aren’t hell-bent about your heels being stilettoes, shift to wedges. They’re way more comfortable and won’t make you want to chop off your feet at the end of a long day.

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4. Get Hold Of The Cheat Pair

how to wear heels cheat

Strutting into office in 5-inch heeled stilettos feels great when you know you have a relatively comfy 3-inch pair heel waiting for you under your desk. Buy a cheat pair in the same colour as your stilettos to fool them all!

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5. Load Up On Inserts

how to wear heels inserts

No matter how great they feel when you’re putting them on, your heels will eventually start hurting the sole of your feet. Use insoles to delay that inevitable pain. They’re sure to give you a few extra hours!

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6. Take A Break

how to wear heels break

Under the dinner table, at your desk, or even in the car – they’re all great places to give your feet a rest. Take off your heels and rotate your ankles and massage them for a minute or two to relieve the built up stress and relax the muscles.

POPxo Recommends: Wiggle those toes!

7. Flats In The Bag

how to wear heels flats

Always carry a pair or flats if you have space for them in your bag. You don’t need to be running in your heels on your way to work or when you’re going home after a long night out.

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8. Tape Them Up!

If you’re going to brave a new pair, be smart about it and carry invisible tape or band-aids with you. Taping or using a nail file to smoothen any rough edges works like a charm. Otherwise the chafing can give you horrible bruises and blisters – and none of us want that!

9. And Last, But Not The Least, Walk Right!

Watch the POPxo video on how to do it. 😉

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06 May 2016

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