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Want Every Day To Be A Good Hair Day? It’s Time To Use A Hair Serum, Here’s How

Want Every Day To Be A Good Hair Day? It’s Time To Use A Hair Serum, Here’s How


The year was 2004 (I’m just guessing) when I was watching TV after coming back from school and that’s when I saw an ad in which this stunning woman used a miraculous hair product that completely changed her hair! Earlier, she had really bad, uncombed hair but after using just a few drops of that product, her hair was suddenly every girl’s dream! The product was a hair serum. I was in awe; could my hair too transform like this? Well, it definitely can but obviously not like that woman because you know, special effects!

But yes, a hair serum can transform your hair because it is really a miracle in a bottle! If you have damaged strange, super frizzy hair or just want your hair to reflect when the sunlight hits it, then you have to add it to your hair care regimen today!

What Is Hair Serum?


Hair serum is a liquidy hair product that provides a protective layer to your hair whilst protecting it from damage. It is usually formulated with silicones and hair-loving ingredients such as oils which have nothing but amazing intentions for your hair. And the best part? It won’t make your hair greasy and you can totally happy it anytime, anywhere.

Hair Serum Benefits


Every hair serum is formulated with active ingredients that protect and penetrate— protect your hair from external damage and penetrate deeper into your hair so that you can have a great hair day, every day.

Here are some other noteworthy Benefits Of A Hair Serum:

– Nourishes hair.

– Controls the frizz.

– Makes hair shiny and glossy.

– Detangles hair.

– Softens hair, especially damaged hair ends.

– Protects the hair from the sun’s wrath.

– Also protects hair from heat damage (from hair appliances).

The Right Way To Use Hair Serum


You can apply hair serum literally anytime. But if you want to maximise its benefits, then the best time to use it is after washing your hair. Just squeeze out the excess water from your hair and apply a few drops on your strands. It’ll not only make your hair smoother and easier to manage but also detangle it like a boss!

How Much Serum Do You Need?


It depends on your hair length!

If you have long hair, then 5-7 drops are enough. But if you have short or medium length hair, then 2-3 drops are good!

Here’s how you can Apply Hair Serum Effectively:

– Comb your hair thoroughly and part it.

– Pour a drop of serum into the palm of your hands, warm it up a little by rubbing your hands together and apply it on a small strand of your hair.

– Do not apply on the scalp (that’s what your hair oil is for) but instead, start applying from hair staring near your ear, up to the end. If you have really dry or damaged hair ends, make sure you apply an extra drop or two.

But do not go overboard with a hair serum thinking that it’ll undo hair damage as it most certainly won’t!

Ready for your hair to rise and shine?

Featured Image: Pexels.com/Pinterest

27 Nov 2020

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