The Ultimate Guide To Turning Him On… *Without* Touching Him!

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  Nov 8, 2016
The Ultimate Guide To Turning Him On… *Without* Touching Him!

Keeping it exciting and fresh in a relationship, even if you’ve been together for a period of time, is definitely important! But doing the same thing (even in bed!) day after day can get slightly boring. You want to keep finding new ways to turn your partner on, and add an element of fun to your relationship. So here’s the ultimate guide on how to turn him on…wait for it…without touching him! Now if that isn’t exciting and challenging (in a good way), we don’t know what is!

1. Tease a little!

Walk around doing your usual chores, wearing just a T-shirt, or a sheer shirt that shows off his favourite bra of yours! Showing off just a little bit of your body, while still keeping it covered, will make his imagination run wild and make you even more irresistible to him!

2. Some naughty messaging…

You can be sure that doing this through the day will have your man raring to go by the time you finally meet him! In fact, not only will this be a huge turn-on for him, you’ll probably be super excited by the end of the day too. Win win! So the next time you want to turn him on when you’re not around, send him a message about what you’re going to do to him when you finally are around!

3. Get reminiscing…

Remind him of that time you two had your favourite and sexiest time in bed. Casually mention what you loved about that time and how much you enjoy a certain thing he does in bed. This is sure to make him want to do it more!

3 how to turn him on

4. Just some eye contact!

Yes, it can be that simple! When you’re out together with people, try making eye contact with him from across the room. There is something just so sexy about knowing that your partner’s attention is on you even when you’re surrounded by other people.

5. Have a passionate conversation…

Talk to him about something that the two of you are really passionate about. While having a debate can sometimes lead to a fight (and we don’t want that!), having a deep, engaging conversation can do the exact opposite. It can be a real turn-on. Whether you have the same views or conflicting ones, if you’re talking about something the two of you genuinely have a strong opinion about, talk about it with intensity, but leave the aggression behind (for now!).

6. Do it yourself…

In simpler words, touch yourself (if that’s something you’re comfortable with)! And let him know exactly what you’re up to and how it feels/ felt. Umm, need we say more? Except, let’s see him keep his hands off you after this!

6 how to turn him on

7. How about a strip tease?

Take off one clothing item at a time… Make sure he sits and watches – and is not allowed to touch you until you’re done! This is such a fun way to tease him, and the very fact that he isn’t allowed to touch you will make him want you more than ever!

8. Watch some porn together…

If that’s your kind of thing! Sit together, yet a little apart, and get watching. Again, not being able to touch you while watching something sexy is really going to light his fire!

9. Stroke his ego a little…

Giving your man a genuine compliment can be as big a turn-on for him as anything else! Men might not be as open as women about fishing for compliments every now and then, but deep inside they’re dying to hear their women say something nice about them! So go ahead, and tell him what you love about him.

9 how to turn him on

10. Laugh, a lot!

Laughter is the best medicine – and even in this case, it definitely serves as a very useful tool. Being able to make someone laugh, or vice a versa, is a huge turn-on for most people! So needless to say, after a good fun evening filled with laughter, you’re both going to be super turned-on and eager to get your hands on each other.

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