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7 Ways To Turn On Your Boyfriend (Without Even Touching Him!)

7 Ways To Turn On Your Boyfriend (Without Even Touching Him!)

Making out, of course, is a great way to get him (and keep him!) in the mood. But there are other things you can do too – to keep that sizzle going strong right till the moment you actually get down and dirty. We bring you a few naughty things to try to keep things hot…always!

1. Sext him, duh.

Ladies, we cannot praise enough the power of the naughty text. Keep the thrum of attraction (and arousal) going all day, even when you’re apart, with some super sexy messages.


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2. Wear something that looks *really* easy to take off!

A dress with a zipper runs neck to knee, or one that buttons down all the way to the hemline, or even a halter neck top with stringy, flimsy looking straps – we promise you, getting you out of that outfit will be high on his list of things to do right now.


3. And going commando works spectacularly well too…

You could be wearing the most modest looking dress that has all your assets decorously covered; the only thing you need to do is let him know that under all that fabric all you’re wearing is…nothing! Communicate with him the next time you decide to go braless. And then spend the next few hours watching him watch you. 😛

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4. A “for your eyes only” selfie!

Take your sexting game up a notch with a strategic selfie! Something that’s far too scandalous for anyone to see – except him, of course!

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5. Talk about your fantasies…

Even if all you’re doing is catching a quick coffee at your neighbourhood cafe. Just turn the conversation around to erotic things you’ve always wanted to try. Just be careful that no one else overhears you!

6. Whisper something naughty in his ear…in public!

Out for dinner with your friends and have no privacy? Worry not. Just grab a quick moment to whisper something “dirty” into his ear. Walk away after that, or sit next to him – no matter what, know that you’ve put some totally, er, inappropriate thoughts into his mind.


7. Orgasm diaries

You know those random moments of arousal all of us feel when we’re alone, which end up with us pleasuring ourselves? Well, feel free to keep him in the loop about those sessions! 😉

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05 May 2016
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