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Fact Check: How To Tell If The Jade Roller You Purchased Is Fake or Real

Fact Check: How To Tell If The Jade Roller You Purchased Is Fake or Real



If there’s one beauty tool that’s taken Instagram by storm, it has got to be the jade roller! The jade roller is a cult beauty product among beauty influencers and many of them claim that the tool has helped to reduce puffiness, brighten dull skin and aid product absorption. Apart from jade, you also get facial rollers made from rose quartz, obsidian and amethyst as well. However, the jade roller seems to be the most popular of them all! 

Jade is a semi-precious stone and currently, the only two authentic types of jade are nephrite and jadeite. While nephrite jade comes mostly from China, jadeite comes from Myanmar. According to Fen Shui, jade brings harmony, balance, good luck and protection to its owner. However, there is no scientific evidence that jade does anything for the skin. As a stone, it becomes cool quickly and rolling the cold jade stone on your skin can feel relaxing and calming. With the right amount of pressure, it helps in lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness in the under-eye area and boosts blood circulation. 

How To Tell If The Jade Roller Is Fake or Authentic?

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Due to their popularity, there are many types of jade rollers sold in the market. Available in different shades of green and price ranges, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a fake and an original product. Since jade is expensive, many manufactures are making jade rollers with other stones that resemble jade to cut costs. Similar-looking stones to jade are serpentine, marble, prehnite, grossular garnet, chrysoprase, aventurine quartz. A few small companies are also using dyes, polymers and chemical treatments to give the jade look-alike stone the same colour and texture. 

So, if both, the fake and the original jade roller look the same, how can you tell the difference? Here’s how!

  • Jade is heavier than other stones and if dropped, it can break. 
  • Jade has a lovely forest green colour with pale white swirls on it. It also has imperfections like cracks and tiny black dots. A fake jade roller is fully green with no imperfections. 
  • Authentic jade rollers are more expensive than fake jade rollers. A good quality jade roller will cost you more than 1.8-3 thousand rupees. Whereas, the fake will be under 1,000 bucks.
  • Real jade is naturally cool to touch. Fake jade stones are naturally warm and require to be placed in a refrigerator to cool. 
  • If the jade roller is authentic, you will also get a certificate of proof along with your purchase. A fake jade roller comes with just the product and no information about the stone on the packaging.


If you ended up buying a fake jade roller, don’t throw it away. You can always cool it in the fridge and use it like any other face roller. The next time you buy a jade roller, read the product description carefully and customer reviews. Make sure that the roller is either made from nephrite or jadeite. If you have any more questions try getting in touch with the seller through their website or Instagram. 

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11 Sep 2020

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