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DIY Central: These Home Remedies Will Rid You Of Puffy Eyes For GOOD!

DIY Central: These Home Remedies Will Rid You Of Puffy Eyes For GOOD!

The bags under my eyes are designer and they never go away!

Ladies, can I hear a hallelujah if you like me just don't get enough sleep every day! Regardless of what I do and how early I crash, I will still be up late at night making up scenarios in my head that will never come true. Suddenly I am awake with just three hours of sleep and bags the size of a continent under my eyes. Now don't get me wrong, I am no stranger to eye gels and eye creams and even eye masks (if I have a little more time), but somehow for this one problem, I feel like the DIY kitchen remedies that I whip up with all natural ingredients work best. 

Here are my favourite DIY natural home remedies to get rid of puffy eyes!

1. Cucumber

cucumber slices get rid of puffy eyes

Cucumber is a natural astringent, constricting the blood flow to the under eye bags. It cools, soothes and reduces inflammation!


Take a couple slices of a chilled cucumber. 

Place them on your eyes and leave on for 10 mins. 

Do this every time you have any sort of inflammation. 

2. Potato bags

grated potato get rid of puffy eyes

Potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for treating under-eye bags. The starch also ensures tightening of the skin and also has a brightening effect. 


Peel, wash and grate half a potato (if it's a full-size potato).

Put the grated potato in 2 small scraps of cotton or cheesecloth and tie it up. 

Place these bags over the eyes for 10 minutes. Massage your under eye areas with a light hand. 

3. Cold spoon method

woman icing eyes with cold spoon get rid of puffy eyes

This one is my favourite. I usually have 2 metal spoons chilling in the freezer almost every day. They help constrict blood flow and tighten the skin while reducing inflammation. 


Place spoons in the freezer for a minimum of 15-20 mins at least, if not overnight. 

Hold the rounded portion against the eyes and massage for a few minutes until the spoon warms up. 


4. Tea Bagging

tea bags against a mug get rid of puffy eyes

Any caffeinated tea green or black contains natural tannins which are a mild diuretic. It helps de-puff the eyes and tightens the skin. 


Steep tea bags in hot water for 3-4 minutes.

Place the bags in the fridge for a few minutes to chill.

Then leave them on the eyes for about 10-15 minutes.

5. Aloe Vera

aloe vera gel with plant get rid of puffy eyes

The antioxidants and vitamin E in Aloe Vera are effective at reducing puffiness. Applying them around the eyes causes improved blood circulation. Just be careful to not get any in your eyes. 


Just apply Aloe Vera Gel around the eyes and massage upwards. 

Also, massage under the eyes in a circular motion. 

You can leave the gel on or wipe it off if you're planning on applying makeup.

6. Egg Whites

egg whites in a bowl get rid of puffy eyes

This is the least favourite remedy of mine. But it works. Egg whites help tighten up the skin and reduce puffiness. 


Whip up an egg white in a bowl.

Cut a cotton pad in half and dip it in the whipped egg whites. 

Apply it under your eye like an eye mask and leave on for 5 mins. 

Then rinse. 

Hope these remedies help you out. But seriously one thing that recently has helped me immensely is just massaging my under eye area and the area around the eyes before I sleep. The lymphatic drainage makes sure you don't wake up with puffy eyes. 

Hope these remedies help!

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Published on Sep 24, 2018
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