10 ‘Long Distance Relationship’ Secrets EVERY Girl Must Know!

Amrita PaulAmrita Paul  |  Jun 9, 2017
10 ‘Long Distance Relationship’ Secrets EVERY Girl Must Know!


A long distance relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea. And the idea of being apart from your partner is one which needs to be made with due consideration. A lot is at stake but it is certainly not impossible. Here are 10 things you need to know to survive a long distance relationship.

1. It is not going to be forever

The nature of cosmopolitan, urban life is such that people have to keep moving – for work, academics, personal reasons etc. But that shouldn’t keep a relationship from flourishing, especially if you love and respect each other and have come to an understanding that eventually you would want to spend your life together.

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2. It is not going to be easy

No matter what your friends and family tell you to ease the blow, long distance is not as easy. You will battle misunderstandings, lonely nights and the feeling of being far apart. But if you proceed with the acknowledgement of a rough storm which you are going to brave, either way, the experience will be much easier for you.

3. You’ll need to find a middle ground

Decide on a time when both of you are free and make it a point to talk and communicate with each other, keep each other updated with what’s happening in your life and if possible, visit one another every few months.

4. Let go of the small stuff

It is pointless arguing about little things when you are living hundreds of miles apart. So forgive easily, make each other laugh, and don’t fret over stuff which won’t matter in the long run.

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5. Articulate your desires  

A great way to make your partner feel special in a long distance relationship is to explicitly speak about your sexual fantasies and desires – a little bit of good ol sexting and video chatting will definitely bring you guys closer.

6. Little patience goes a long way

Every time you feel a tad bit hopeless, buck yourself up. After all, you are fortunate to be in love with someone who inspires and motivates you, understands your insecurities and supports you through thick and thin. Remember, he is worth fighting for.

7. Focus on yourself

Use this time to rediscover yourself – your likes and dislikes, your career and hobbies, your equation with your family, take trips on your own and reinvent yourself in a new way.

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8. That he loves you as much

Don’t forget that you guys are a team… You’re in this together. He might have his fair share of good days and bad days but don’t dismiss him when he is unable to give you all his attention.  After all, he has chosen to take this leap of faith with you.

9. You need to have a goal in mind

A realistic one at that – where do you see yourself in five years, how do you envision your future together. Try to be on the same page regarding the same and help each achieve the goals you set both have set.

10. Honesty above everything else

It is pivotal for you and him to be frank and clear in your interactions. Because obviously you are not in the same place and it would be a tad bit unfair for you to expect him to read your mind every time that you are upset with him.

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