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Denim Jackets & Turtlenecks: Stylish Ways To Wear A Saree In Winters Without Freezing!

Denim Jackets & Turtlenecks: Stylish Ways To Wear A Saree In Winters Without Freezing!

You love wearing sarees but the chilly winter winds deter you from opting for the six-yard wonder, right? A new twist to your saree-draping style will not just keep you warm but will also make you stand out among a sea of anarkali suits and gowns at weddings. And, while #ShaadiKaSeason is on in full swing, the winter isn’t ready to go. That’s why we’ve got you a list of all the smart ways you can look stylish, show-stopping and gorgeous while you wear your favourite saree in winters.

How To Style Saree In Winters With Cover-Ups

The fact is that sarees are usually made of fabrics like net, silk, chiffon and georgette, the breezy winter weather does require us to cover up ourselves to stay warm. While the regular ways might kill your style, we’ve listed some ways on how to wear saree in winters and still look stylish.

  • Drape A Shawl/Stole
  • Cape To The Rescue

Drape A Shawl/Stole

Shawl with saree to style in winter


Shawls go well with traditional attires and are the most reliable way to keep yourself cosy. And you know what’s the best part? You can match the shawl/stole you carry with the colour of your saree. Not just that, you can even experiment with different types, fabrics, and patterns. You can go with a traditional pashmina from Kashmir or a sequinned one if your saree doesn’t have much sparkle. So, go ahead, shine through! 

Cape To The Rescue

Cape with saree


Usually worn with gowns and dresses, capes are a go-to when it comes to adding the chic factor to your ethnic outfit. You can opt for long-train capes, embellished ones or a thick woollen cape- depending on the fabric of your saree. 

Winter Jackets To Wear With Sarees

We usually style our sweaters, tops, and dresses with jackets. But guess what? You can do the same with ethnic suits and sarees nowadays and there are so many different ways to go about it. Instead of the usual blouse, try a waist-length jacket or a trench coat. All you need to keep in mind is that the jacket should complement your saree. Pairing up your saree with a contrasting or similar coloured jacket in velvet or silk, or even a Nehru jacket, will give it a unique and classy look.

  • A Contrasting Jacket? Yes Please!
  • Long Silk Coat
  • Trench Coat With Saree
  • Long Shrug To Keep Warm

A Contrasting Jacket? Yes Please!

Contrasting jacket with saree to style in winter


Move over Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Karisma Kapoor has been giving us some major #FashionGoals when it comes to draping sarees in the most stylish, elegant, cool and chic way possible. Just like Karisma, even you can try pairing your saree with a contrasting jacket to beat the chill and at the same time, heat up the temperature with your style! 

Long Silk Coat

Silk coat with saree in winter


Do not stop on regular jackets. Experiment more and wear silk coats with your saree. Try a silk long coat for an effortlessly stylish look for a cocktail party. Not just that, you can also wear an elegant pashmina shawl along with your coat to give it a more royal touch.

Trench Coat With Saree

Coat with saree to style in winter


Trench it! You can totally look chic in a sari by layering it with a crisp and classy trench coat. You can also wrap around a knitted muffler to add heaps of style to your look. The attire is perfect for work-wear. Keep the saree and jacket contrasting or opt for different tones of the same colour.

Long Shrug To Keep Warm

Shrug to style with saree in winters


Elegance and style go hand in hand if you are opting to drape the six yards. While many designers are doing capes these days, most prefer a monotone look in terms of colour, fabric, pattern and design. A saree with cape blouse won’t just keep you warm, but also make you look super stylish. In fact, it’ll look more like a styling trick than a way to keep yourself warm. Capes with saree go extremely well and is the perfect combination for a wedding, an engagement party or even a cocktail night. 

Types Of Blouses To Stay Stylish And Snug


Not just shawls or jackets, there are many ways to style your blouse to beat the chilly breeze. Whether it is a turtle neck warm blouse or a full sleeved blouse in place of tube ones, you can opt for other simple yet unique ways to style your saree and still keep your A-game going.

  • How About A Woolen Turtle-Neck Blouse?
  • A Full-Sleeved Printed Blouse
  • Drape Your Saree With A Warm Pantsuit

How About A Woolen Turtle-Neck Blouse?

Turtle neck blouse with saree



How about a woollen turtle neck blouse?! Pick any of your turtle neck sweaters and team them up with your favourite saree. Go for contrast while pairing up woollen blouses with sarees. You can team up your magenta turtle neck sweater with a powder pink saree or a gold one with a black turtle neck. 

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A Full-Sleeved Printed Blouse

Style Printed Blouse With saree in winter



By default, the type of blouses that we usually get designed with our sarees are either half-sleeved, tube or halters. That leaves me wondering why we don’t experiment with long-sleeved bell blouses or even flute blouses for that matter? Well, in winters and especially during the in-between weather, you can style your sarees with full-sleeved blouses in different styles. 

Drape Your Saree With A Warm Pantsuit

Saree with a warm pantsuit



This can be best done with a palazzo-saree. You can wear warm leggings or pants underneath, instead of the petticoat or inner skirt. This will give a Grecian style to your look and at the same time help you beat the chill. Pair them up with elegant pumps and you are done.



Styling Tips To Remember

  • Don’t get comfortable with one style of draping. Try different saree draping styles like Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Bengali or Nivi style!
  • While selecting a blouse type, consider the colour, fabric and the design that would best suit your body type. There are no set rules here. Just try and see what looks best on you. 
  • Your hairstyle plays a vital role in the entire look. If you’re wearing an elaborate blouse, tie your hair up in a bun or plait to keep the attention on the blouse.
  • Footwear is another important element you need to pay attention to. To give yourself some length, opt for heels with a saree.
  • Most importantly, remember to drape your saree while wearing heels so that your saree is at the appropriate length.


Q: What are some Indo-Western ways to drape your saree in winters?

A: As discussed, you can wear your turtlenecks, fitted sweaters, and sweatshirts underneath sarees. But other than these, you can even add faux fur hats as well as beanies to the mix. You can also try pairing a saree with long velvet jacket but make sure that your pallu is visible so as to not take away the traditional feel of the outfit. 

Q: What are some sweaters that can be substituted for a blouse?

A: Many tight fitted crop sweaters are available on both, H&M and Zara and you can buy one to pair with your saree. The most basic ones that you can buy for starters is black and off-white- the most neutral hues that can go with most of the sarees that you possess.

Featured Image: Instagram

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16 Dec 2019

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