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Handloom Handbook: Here Are 17 Bengali Saree Designs To Celebrate The Festive Season In Style

Kanchipuram, Benaras, and Bengal are three names that come to mind the instant there’s a mention of handloom crafts made in India. The handloom industries in these regions have a history as colourful as their weaves with Bengal reigning numero uno when it comes to the variety. Bengali handloom or ‘tant’ as it is popularly called is hailed across the country as well as the world for its expansive artisanal offerings with the saree being its most coveted creation. The Bengali handloom saree is a must-have in every Indian wearer’s wardrobe and just in case you feel a little inundated with the vast variety, you have landed at the right place. We have just curated a list of 17 Bengali saree designs that you need to know about and we are sure that it will come in handy with all the festivities around the corner. Read on:

Bengali Saree For Wedding

Looking for a standout Bengali saree perfect for wearing on your wedding? Here are seven bridal Bengali sarees that you should bookmark for the D-day:

Murshidabad Silk

One of the more popular offerings of Bengali handloom, Murshidabad silk is light, airy, and every bit vibrant. Quite close to the Marathi Paithani in appearance, the saree is recognised by its colour contrast weaves. Rest assured, it is a no-brainer pick in case you are looking for a Bengali saree for your wedding.


Every saree connoisseur must have noticed how Bengali women have a special style of draping their sarees where they refrain from pleating the pallu and flaunt it off as the highlight of their look. More often than not it is an opulent Baluchari that becomes a coveted choice when it comes to the traditional Bengali weave. It is because of the intricately woven pallu that often depicts a mythological scene. It is a grand weave and makes for a great bridal Bengali saree.


Tussar Silk 

One of the most popular Bengali saree designs, Tussar silk is known for its patta and booti accents and is vastly favoured by saree collectors all over the country. From light, occasion wear to heavy bridal sarees, you can find it all in Tussar and here’s one that would be perfect for the brides to be.

Matka Silk

This is a unique Bengali saree pattern that is achieved by winding mulberry silk thread around a matka or a pot. While the resultant weave is coarse to touch, it also has a dense feel about it and is considered one of the most coveted silks owing to the superior quality of mulberry threads that go into its making. 


It is the red and white garad saree that can be instantly identified as the face of the Bengali handloom. The saree is quite similar in its make to the equally popular Korai, with the only distinguishing feature being the difference in the hue of red that is used in the pallu. The saree has a solid white body and faded red border ‘coz no artificial dyes go into its making.


Banarasi weaves are quite popular among Bengali brides and here is a gorgeous pick that will fit the bill pretty well.


Bengali Traditional Saree

Looking for a Bengali traditional saree that doubles up as an investment piece for your saree collection? Here is a curation that won’t disappoint:

Tant Cotton

Known for its coarse albeit surprisingly delicate weave, the cotton tant Bengali saree is a legend in every sense of the word. It is a popular choice for women who wear sarees at home and don’t be misguided by its stiff appearance here. The saree becomes heavenly soft upon 2-3 washes and is a delight to wear during your everyday activities.


Originally originated in Bangladesh, Jamdani became an integral part of the Bengali handloom after Bengali weavers from the country settled in India post-partition. This saree is often woven with a mix of cotton and silk threads and is famous for vibrant patterns that appear on the weave.


Kanthawork is not really a weave but a style of hand embroidery that can be found on a number of Bengali Handloom sarees. The embroidery is executed by a typical layering technique that involves the use of mirror-like embellishments.



Korai simply translates to ‘plain’ and refers to a relatively neat, unadorned weave. This is the quintessential Bangla saree design that can be identified by its solid white body and striking, red border.


Loosely woven for a semi-transparent appearance, this Bengali cotton saree is made with the finest quality of threads and is popular for the use of vibrant colours and contrasting pallus.


One of the finest Bengali silk saree, the Tangail weave is made with good quality silk yarn and is thinner and lighter than its other counterparts.

Khesh Saree

The most sustainable of all the Bengali handloom sarees, the khesh weaves are made with a special technique that involves the use of recycled cotton.


Bengali Saree Party Wear

Looking for a party wear Bengali saree to ace the festive dress up this Navratri? Here are our top picks:

Kosa Silk

This Bengali saree design is known for its naturally golden silk yarns that give a rich, luxe feel to it.

Eri Silk

One of the largely forgotten Bengali weaves, Eri silk is known for its exceptional thermal properties that make it cool in summers and warm in winters.

Party Wear Jamdani

Like already mentioned, Jamdani is one of the most popular Bengali handloom saree weaves. In case you are looking for something to wear for the upcoming festivities, this turquoise beauty has our heart for its striking hue.


Pochampally Ikkat

Ikkat weaves and Pochampally have been widely supported by Bengali party-goers and here is a pick that is equal parts statement and festive.

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So fam, all set to take over the Navratri festive scenes with our curation of Bengali saree designs? 

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13 Oct 2021

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