Stop The Clock: All The Things You Can Do To Stop Wrinkles NOW!

Sakshi BudhrajaSakshi Budhraja  |  Nov 20, 2017
Stop The Clock: All The Things You Can Do To Stop Wrinkles NOW!


Thanks to our fast-paced lives, most experts advise we start using corrective products as soon as we hit 25. Trust us, you want to start taking care of those fine lines the moment they show up. It is for this reason that anti-ageing products are flying off the shelves at stores creams, serums, masks, et al! Now we know that with all kinds of anti-ageing treatments and products out there, picking the most effective one for yourself can be a tricky job. So, we got you some expert advice from Delhi-based dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia of Lumiere Dermatology, on how to stop wrinkles now!

1. Sunblock is king.

1 stop wrinkles

Stay away from the sun! And when you do go in it (because we all need a little Goa getaway sometimes) be sure to wear sunglasses and ample amounts of sunblock. Photoageing (aka ageing caused by both UV-A and UV-B rays) is the number one cause of premature ageing in men and women alike and is sure to cause unwanted wrinkles.

2. Nip in the bud.

We’ve said this before, we’re saying it again: stop smoking! Not only does it wreak havoc on your health but also on your skin. “When you smoke, your blood vessels (just below the skin) are constricted thereby reducing oxygen and nutrient delivery,” explains Lohia. Over time, this will lead to wrinkles.

3. Sleep on your back.

3 stop wrinkles

It’s always good for your skin when you sleep on your back, says Lohia. This is a hard one those who are used to sleeping on their sides or on their tummy. However, sleeping on your side causes asymmetry of your features and will lead to wrinkles as well. This is because you are putting pressure on one side which will lead to accelerated collagen breakdown in the skin. Loss of collagen is what makes us age and wrinkle!

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4. Load up on antioxidants.

Eat foods with lots of antioxidants! Antioxidants reverse free radical and oxidative damage which is especially rampant in a polluted environment. “If you are too lazy to eat your antioxidants, consider consuming glutathione,” advises Lohia. Naturally found in foods like Brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, garlic and beets will not only reduce oxidative damage, but lighten and brighten your skin too.

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