Recreate Khushi Kapoor’s Glossy Glamm In 6 Simple Steps

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 25, 2021
Recreate Khushi Kapoor’s Glossy Glamm In 6 Simple Steps


Another day, another Kapoor slaying the ‘gram. And this time, it’s Khushi Kapoor’s turn to shine. While her elder sister is making big moves on the silver screen, Khushi is out her dishing out fire outfit and makeup goals. Recently, she shared a glossy glam-fie on Instagram and we are so in love! For this look, she paired her green outfit with a red lip, and it’s giving us major Christmas vibes.

Beauty Breakdown

If you would like to get in your festive spirit with this dewy and fresh makeup look, take a peek at our beauty notes below:

Step 1: Skin To DEW List – Ace The Base

This makeup look requires you to pick a dewy foundation or a dewy makeup base. If you need to, add a little bit of concealer to double up the coverage.

Step 2: Literally Give Wings To Your Makeup

The eyeshadow in this makeup look is pretty simple. Prep your eyeshadow base with a nude brown shade, and brighter in the inner eyelid with a shimmery shade. Here comes the tricky part – the winged eyeliner. With a steady hand, draw a winged liner starting from your inner lid.

Step 3: Bronzed Babe Alert!

This makeup look has that sunkissed charm plus a snatched structure to it. Our makeup knowledge tells us that if there’s one makeup product to do this, it’s a bronzer! So take your favourite bronzer out for a spin, and bronze the sides of your face in a 3-shaped motion.

Step 4: Are You Blushing, Or Is It Makeup?

Add a hint of peachy blush on your cheekbones and on the top of your nose for a convincing sunkissed glow. We recommend using a creamy blush texture for a more natural and dewy finish.

Step 5: The Glossy Lip

Select a deep brick toned lip gloss for this juicy glossed lip. You can also go for your matte lipstick and go over it with a clear lip gloss for effect.

Step 6: The MIDAS Touch

Use a cream-based highlighter to touch the high points of your face. This gives your makeup look a structure and dimension. It also helps your makeup look lifted, dewy and fresh.

Just 6 simple steps and you can ace this Kapoor-approved makeup look!

Featured Images: Instagram