The Girl’s Guide To Condoms: How To Put One On The *Right* Way!

Pradipta SarkarPradipta Sarkar  |  Nov 6, 2016

Hate them or love them, condoms are pretty indispensable if you’re a sexually active girl. Even though there are other forms of contraception available to prevent pregnancy, a condom is your best shot of staying safe from STDs. But if you’ve ever struggled or wondered how to put on a condom correctly, you’ve come to the right place! Though it is kind of difficult to describe, and you only get good at it with practice…let it not be said that we didn’t try our best to help you out!

1. Use a reputed brand!

Better to go with Durex or Kamasutra or a brand that someone you know has used and recommends – even if it’s a bit more expensive – than to risk using something that you’ve not heard of before.

how to put on a condom correctly 1

2. You should always store condoms in a case or box of some kind.

The foil pack should not go directly into your wallet or purse, since it will get bent and stressed, and therefore weakened.

3. Never forget to check the expiry date before using it!

You must ALWAYS check the expiry date of a condom before using it. If you use an expired one, all bets are off. So if you have thrown away the original packaging and can’t remember what date it’s valid till, just buy a fresh pack – it’s better to be safe than sorry!

how to put on a condom correctly 3

4. You can only put on a condom once the guy is at least partially aroused.

Pretty impossible to get it on otherwise!

5. Make sure your hands are perfectly clean before you do this.

Massage oils, even sweat, can weaken the latex, so best to wash your hands with soap and pat them dry before you start.

how to put on a condom correctly 5

6. Rip the foil pack from one of the serrated edges (they all have those).

Make sure to tear it open along the edge, without touching the condom inside. If you manage to pull on (and therefore weaken) the condom, or tear it while trying to get it out, start again from scratch!

7. Check whether you’re holding it the right side up.

The edge of the condom roll should be upwards, so you roll it downwards over the penis. If you see it’s not unrolling, you’re probably holding it the wrong way. You should only be touching the condom gently along the edge, and nowhere else.

how to put on a condom correctly 7

8. While unrolling the condom, make sure to pinch the tip – the tiny bulb-like section – so that no air is trapped in it.

That little section is where the semen is meant to collect once your guy has an orgasm – and air being trapped could make the condom burst, pretty much like a balloon!

9. Make sure that the base of the unrolled condom settles firmly against the base of the penis.

Else it could slip off! You can also watch this video to see a demo of how it’s done.

how to put on a condom correctly 9

10. Once you’re done, make sure you dispose of the used condom in a sealed package of some kind.

Since the semen is an organic waste, it decomposes fast and can really stink things up. Don’t flush them down the toilet either – they can really clog up your drains!

And that’s it – you’re done! (You’ll get the hang of it soon, promise!)

Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr