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Dry, Dehydrated Skin Around The Eyes? Follow These Tips & Tricks!

Dry, Dehydrated Skin Around The Eyes? Follow These Tips & Tricks!

Skin is in — thanks to all this extra time on our hands due to the quarantine. If you’re a skin newbie and your skincare regimen came into existence only after the lockdown began, we’re sure that you spent the last few months going through endless skincare blogs in hopes to find the right routine that would suit your skin type. While that’s great, there’s one mistake you’re probably making which needs to change immediately. We’re talking about not giving the skin around your eyes the proper care it needs. 

If you’ve noticed that the skin around this area has become dry, dull or darker (thanks to the increase of screen time), don’t panic, this is natural and fixable.

Keep in mind that what works for the rest of your face might not necessarily work on the skin around or under your eye area, so you need to treat it differently. It’s important to give the skin around your eyes the appropriate nourishment it needs for it to stay hydrated and healthy. Fortunately, this is easy to accomplish!

If you want the skin around your eyes to look as healthy as the skin on the rest of your face, all you need to do is incorporate the right steps into your daily beauty routine. Intrigued? Keep on reading to know more. 

Why Does The Skin Around Your Eyes Need Special Attention?

Dry skin around the eyes treatment


Unlike the rest of your face, the skin around your eyes is thin and delicate which is why it’s the first place that shows signs of premature ageing. In fact, this part of the skin is the most delicate as compared to the epidermis on the rest of your body. This skin tissue is 40% thinner than the rest of the body and is missing plenty of essential elements, muscles and fat that make the skin strong and tough.

If not treated properly, dehydrated or dry skin around the eyes can lead to dark circles, puffiness, sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.

Stick To A Daily Cleansing Method

Daily Cleansing Method



Accumulation of dirt, dead skin and other impurities on your skin including around the eyes can cause various skin issues and prevent skincare products from doing their job. Hence, it’s important to cleanse your face with a mild cleanser while using gentle strokes and lukewarm water. 

We know you’re probably tired of reading this but when it comes to washing your skin, always stay away from hot water! Think of it as your skin’s enemy.

Drink More Water

Drink more water for clear skin



Lack of water = parched skin. Drinking at least 3 litres of water a day will keep the skin all over your body, including around the eyes, hydrated. You can use the best moisturisers, serums and creams out there, but if your body doesn’t get the right amount of H2O, it will all be for nothing. Aside from keeping the superficial layer of the skin hydrated with the necessary beauty products, you also need to keep your body hydrated from the inside by drinking plenty of fluids –and no, too much of caffeine and alcohol don’t count.

Invest In Eye Creams

Invest In Eye Creams



Your face moisturisers won’t necessarily work on the skin around your eyes. To provide it with the right nourishment, you need specially formulated products that cater to the delicate skin around this area to help it stay hydrated. Look for eye products that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid which help retain moisture in the skin, retinol — to help smooth the skin’s surface and reduce dark circles or glycerin — to reduce the loss of elasticity, thinning, puffiness, and dryness.

Avoid Stressors That Could Damage The Skin

Avoid Stressors That Could Damage The Skin



Since the skin around your eyes is delicate avoid putting extra stress on it. Even simple things like rubbing your eyes or using steaming hot water can cause major damage to the skin. Constantly rubbing your eyes can lead to microtears which increases fine lines and using hot water can strip away whatever natural oils are left within the skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated.

Also, be sure to wash your eye makeup brushes often. Dirty makeup brushes are riddled with germ and bacteria and using this on your eyes can lead to infections and skin damage.

SPF Always

Always use SPF



Applying sunscreen daily is important, but many people skip the undereye area. To protect your skin from sun damage, every inch of the epidermis that’s exposed to the sun’s rays should be covered in sunscreen, this includes your under-eye area and eyelids. If you’re scared your regular sunscreen might damage this delicate part of the skin, you can invest in eye creams that have SPF properties which will protect your skin from the UV rays without causing any skin reaction.

Sleep With A Humidifier

humidifier for skin and hair


Humidifiers are not only useful when you have a cold. The under-eye area is more susceptible to pollution, climate change, temperature, etc. and tends to lose moisture quicker than the rest of the epidermis. Since your skin works overtime, using a humidifier while you sleep, especially during the winter season will aid in the skin renewal process and provide your skin with the moisture it needs.

Take Care Of Allergies On Time

Allergies are not only accompanied by a runny nose but itchy eyes as well. Since rubbing the eyes causes more stress to the skin, it’s important to get these allergies treated ASAP. If you’re on medication to treat the issue, make sure to clean your eyes regularly to avoid fluid buildup and to reduce the risk of eye infections.

Consult A Dermatologist

Consult the best skin specialist


Even if you think the internet has the answers to everything, when it comes to your skin and body, it’s always beneficial to consult a professional before taking matters into your own hands. Dry skin around the eyes is common and following the above methods do work but if you see no change, it’s time to consult a dermatologist. Since the skin around the eyes is delicate and sensitive, avoid continuous use of different products. A dermatologist will be able to provide the proper course of treatment and products needed to treat your dull, dehydrated skin and make it healthy and happy again.

Tackling dry skin around the eyes isn’t difficult if you follow the right steps. You need to remember, that the skin around your eyes is thin, delicate and sensitive so it needs special attention.

04 Sep 2020

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