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A, B, C, D…? How To Measure Your EXACT Bra Size At Home!

A job best left to the professionals? Hell, no! You’ve got everything you need – right there between your arms – to measure your own bra size, and get it JUST right. And yes, this is important. So many of your outfits aren’t looking as good as they would with the right sized bra! So go on, get that tape measure out – and save yourself the hassle of having a stranger helping you out with it!

1. Put On Your Best Bra First

Make sure you’re wearing your best fitting bra when you do this. It should be an unpadded and wired one that fits your bust like a glove! This step is really important, so make sure you get it right for accurate measurement. And definitely don’t do it over your top!


2. Now Figure Out The Band Size

Take your measuring tape and wrap it right on your ribs where your bra cups end. Make sure it’s flat on your skin and not twisted anywhere. Also, sometimes it could be sloping down on your back, so do it in front of a mirror so you can check for that. Add 4 to the number of inches you’re measuring: the number you’ve got now is your band size. If it’s an odd number or a fraction like 31 or  29.6, you should round off to the next even number (32 or 30, etc.).

how to measure your bra size


3. Pick The Right Day – And Position – For Your Bust Size!

We all have some off days when we might be a bit bloated, so choose a relatively “normal” feeling day to do this. Weirdly enough, standing straight is not the best way measure – hello, gravity! So bend forward, keeping your torso horizontal to the ground. This will ensure you measure all of your breast tissue.

4. And Now Measure Your Bust Size!

Put the tape around your boobs where they are the fullest – at the point where your nipples are – and using the same precautions as in the previous step, measure yourself. Round off to the next whole number (NOT the next even number, mind you!) to get your bust size.


how to measure your bra size 1

5. Finally, On To The Cup Size

To find out your cup size you first need to calculate the difference between your bust size and your band size. so if your bust size is 33 and your band size is 32, the difference is 1 inch – which means you are an A cup. Similarly, if the difference is 2 inches, you are a B cup; 3 inches means C cup; and 4 inches = D cup. So on and so forth.


how to measure your bra size 2

And TADA! There you have your correct bra size, sitting (or standing, rather) right at home! Aren’t you thrilled?!


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05 May 2016
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