7 Signs Your Bra Size Has Changed!

7 Signs Your Bra Size Has Changed!
Our bodies transform every few months owing to the lifestyle changes that happen regularly. Diversity in our food habits, exercise routine and the age factor results in tiny changes which become visible after some time. Especially for the clothes that stick closely to your body like your bra. They are devised to fit perfectly, but with time the elasticity runs out, the normal wear and tear of the fabric can be noticed and with your body changing these items start losing shape and thus don’t fit so well any more. Here are some telltale signs that your bra size has changed and that it’s now time to replace them for newer, better fitted ones!

1. The bridge doesn’t sit flat on your sternum

Bra size is changing

The bridge that connects the cups is that tiny triangular part of the bra that sits on the centre of the ribs where the boobs divide. If the bridge doesn’t sit perfectly - that is, it starts turning, keeps shifting or is rising upwards pulling the cups - that’s a clear sign! If you are able to fit in a finger between the gap of this fabric and your skin, it means that your bra is too tight and you need to move a size up!

2. The most obvious underwire clue

If the underwire doesn’t lie flat against your skin, if you’re being poked on the sides where the cups are attached to the wings of the bra or if the underwire is resting on your breast tissue instead of where the breasts end, then you definitely need to move up your cup size! These little things lead to a lot of discomfort and thus should not be missed!

3. Frequent headaches and back pain

Bra size is changing

Believe it or not, this is a major sign that you need a bra makeover! An ill-fitting bra can cause bad, bad headaches. If the bra is tight, this causes extra tension on your neck, shoulders and back, which then leads to frequently occurring headaches. Also if your bra is too big, it means you are not getting enough support, which will lead to severe back pain, especially if you have larger breasts.

4. Bulges here, there and everywhere!

You know your bra is too tight when there are visible bulges that look like you’ve stuffed yourself into something not your size. Side bulges, front bulge, back bulges, rib bulges and stomach bulges even! This is a real problem; embrace that you might have put on weight or your boobs may have grown, and go buy yourself some new bras. Your body is requesting you!


5. The effect on your shoulders

Bra size is changing

If the bra straps are tight and they start leaving red marks on your shoulder, you know what it could be! We start tightening the bra straps when the bra is a little too big. Your bra straps support the weight of your boobs to a great extent, and if they don’t sit well, there is too much gap, or it’s too tight, this will eventually result in more shoulder pains and maybe even hunching.

6. Your breasts are losing shape

The wrong kind of bra may result in you losing the beautiful shape of your bosom permanently. Wearing the wrong size may cause the ligaments to stretch, which further leads to sagging of boobs according to research! Not getting enough support also makes a big difference to your overall well-being.

7. It may also cause indigestion!

Bra size is changing

If the bra is tight it may dig into your skin and contract your ribs, which further may cause problems in your stomach area and this may lead to indigestion! Sounds random, but as we mentioned earlier, a bra sticks so close on the body that it does lead to more health issues than just supporting your breasts, so beware!

TIP: You should get yourself properly fitted every six months if you are actively exercising or are making changes in your diet often to avoid all these issues!

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