11 Colourful, Fun Things To Turn Your Room From Drab To FAB!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Jul 28, 2017
11 Colourful, Fun Things To Turn Your Room From Drab To FAB!


If you want to give your room a summer vibe, you should totally invest in some pretty decor! They’re fun, vibrant and colourful. Not just that, a little decor brightens your room and gives it an artsy touch in a jiffy. If you want to add character and personality to the four walls of your room, we bet you’ll want to pick these babies ASAP. Here’s how to make your bedroom summer ready in the trendiest way possible. (Have fun, girls!)

1. Hey there, sailor!


Do you love the ocean? If you do, then you certainly will love this sailor themed bean bag! We think that the loud coloured stripes and glittery anchor symbol is simply the coolest. It will make the perfect addition to your bedroom for sure

Price: ₹ 1,999. Buy it here.

2. Dreams do come true


We think this cute dream catcher should be in every girl’s room because it looks so delicate and fits into the whole summer vibe. Who would have ever thought that pink and orange feathers would look so good when teamed together, right?

Price: ₹ 449. Buy it here.

3. Tropical vibes all the way


Now, every time you look at the clock, you’ll feel pumped to face the day with confidence! The clock by itself is a piece of art. Place it on a white or black coloured wall and it’s bound to stand out.

Price: ₹ 748. Buy it here.

4. Hoot! Hoot!


Any piece of fabric that has tiny owls printed on it is bound to add life to a dull room. It’s rectangular in shape and we think, it’ll make a perfect piece of decoration if it’s placed at your bathroom or bedroom door.

Price: ₹ 990. Buy it here.

5. Pineapple Lovin’


For the love of pineapples, you totally must pick this photo frame up! It’s a fruit that defines the summer vibe and the colour is just so lively and beautiful. If you love collecting quirky merchandise, make sure to add this baby to your list.

Price: ₹ 795. Buy it here.

6. Because pizza is life


Pizza is bae and bae deserves to be in the same room with you. Plus, nothing makes a girl happier waking up to a yummy graphic of cheese pizza.  

Price: ₹ 600. Buy it here.

7. Pretty in pink


No room is complete without a pretty birdcage. The one we recommend is bubblegum pink and we think if you cover it with glitter and fairy lights, it will look so awesome!

Price: ₹ 1,499. Buy it here.

8. Flamingos are the cutest!


If summer is your favourite season, this flamingo themed mug should be lying around in your room. We think it’s cute and one of a kind. Now, drinking coffee in this pretty mug will be something you’ll look forward to every morning.

Price: ₹ 390. Buy it here.

9. The jewellery lover


Ladies, it doesn’t get prettier than this. You can now hang your precious jewellery on this holder and not have to worry about it getting damaged or detangled. Plus, it will make a very funky addition to your room.

Price: ₹ 1,495. Buy it here.

10. Happiness in a bottle


Hanging bottle lamps look the prettiest at night. They create a warm atmosphere and will make your room a comfy place to relax in. Trust us, once you buy one, you’ll feel tempted to pick up the whole set.

Price: ₹ 700. Buy it here.

11. A bird watcher’s treasure


Toss these cushions on your bed and we bet that anyone who walks into your room is going to be amazed! Each cushion has a different bird print which is colourful and unique. You’re going to love it!

Price: ₹ 999. Buy it here.

Which of these are you tempted to pick up first?!