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This Is How NOT To Let Your Ex Ruin Your New Relationship

This Is How NOT To Let Your Ex Ruin Your New Relationship

If you’ve finally moved on from that heartbreak, congratulations! But do you know that, even if you don’t intend it, your ex could affect your next relationship? Well, there’s nothing to be worried about…you just need to be a little cautious. Here are 10 ways to keep your ex from ruining your next relationship!

1. Make it clear to your ex that there’s no ‘chance’ now…

Exes have this weird tendency to creep back into your life when you’ve totally moved on. Well, make it clear to your ex(es) that there’s no way they can come back in your life. Avoid saying or doing things that may give them ‘hope’.

1 ruining your next relationship

2. Don’t hide your ex’s existence from your partner…

A lot of people avoid telling their partners about their exes because they feel that it would harm the relationship – trust us, it won’t! Whenever you get into a new relationship, be honest about your past, tell your partner about it – and if your partner cares about you enough, he won’t have any problems with your past. In fact, he’ll respect and appreciate your honesty.

3. And don’t hide your next relationship from your ex either!

There’s no point in trying to hide your next relationship from your ex. In fact, being open about it will be a clear signal that you have actually moved on. You don’t need to give a detailed report about your new relationship to your ex, but just make sure they know about it.

3 ruining your next relationship

4. Cut off communication if needed

Yes, there are cases where exes are great friends. But if you feel that being in contact with your ex can jeopardize your next relationship, then it’s better to cut off communication completely.

5. Don’t fall victim to threats

If your ex tries to threaten or blackmail you in any way, because of something about you or the relationship that only he knows about, do not bow down. Talk about it with your partner or someone you can confide in and try to find a solution. Staying silent about it won’t help.

5 ruining your next relationship

6. Tackle unexpected texts or calls wisely!

If your ex starts calling you out of the blue or sends inappropriate text messages – do not respond! In fact, let your partner know about it at the earliest so that he doesn’t accidentally discover that this is happening and have cause to doubt you. And if you don’t respond at all, your ex will eventually get the message that you’re not interested any more.

7. Clearing call logs, deleting texts = TROUBLE.

In case you decide to respond to you ex’s calls and texts, then don’t try to hide that by clearing call log and WhatsApp chat history and so on. This might become a cause of friction at some point of time if your partner finds out about it. So be careful and do not get into situations that might get super complicated.

7 ruining your next relationship

8. No secret meetings please!

If, for whatsoever reason, you decide to meet your ex (or if you just bump into him) and you feel that you’re doing nothing wrong then don’t hide it from your partner. Meeting your ex without the knowledge of your partner can turn out to be a really bad thing even if the action was undertaken with perfectly innocent intentions.

9. Be cautious with common connections…

You and your ex may have a few common friends who might try to play peacemaker between you two – please convey to them that you have moved on and do not want to get back with your ex. Coming out clean about your intentions will help you in the long run.

9 ruining your next relationship

10. Keep your feelings under control

Last but the most important thing – don’t get carried away with emotions while dealing with your ex. If you sense that you still have feelings for your ex, then you really need to sort it out before things get complicated for you and your current partner.

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24 Nov 2016

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