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Wondering How To Increase Melanin In Hair? We’ve Got All The Answers For You!

Wondering How To Increase Melanin In Hair? We’ve Got All The Answers For You!

An individual’s major part of confidence lies in the way they look. People keep a close eye on their skin, hair, clothes, shoes and all visible aspects of their life to manage and groom their upkeep. It is very common then to find their identity in their hair. Some rely on pampering hairstyling services for attractive looks, while some resort to fake hair extensions for a younger effect; a few take external care of their hair to hide greys, while a couple gravitate towards nourishing care like melanin hair oil. 

Hair issues like hair fall, hair breakage, and frizziness are the leading hair problems that people face. However, a new hair problem has surfaced as a growing epidemic – premature hair greying, and has them wondering how to increase melanin in hair. While greying of hair is an inevitable and natural human process, early onset of greying hair can indicate bodily dysfunctions, lifestyle changes, or a sudden dip in a person’s confidence. 

What Is Melanin & What Role Does Melanin Play In Our Hair? 


Let’s begin easy – what is melanin? Melanin is a complex polymer that is present in our bodies and is responsible for the pigmentation in our hair and skin. Melanin can be found in the skin, hair, areas of the brain, and in pupils of your eyes. Interesting, right? This mysterious polymer also helps in protecting the pigment in our skin and hair and block the UV rays from causing damage.

How To Increase Melanin In Hair


There are many ways to increase the production of melanin in your body, that can help delay premature greying of hair, and can keep you looking younger for a longer period of time. Here are a couple of things one needs to focus on to increase melanin in hair:



Research shows that consuming melanin rich foods for hair is a great way to increase melanin production in the body. You need to consume foods that are rich in vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron, copper, vitamin C, biotin and antioxidants.


It can get difficult to incorporate all the above stated vitamins and minerals into one diet. To avoid the hassle, some people turn to melanin supplements for hair. 

External Care

While taking care of premature greying internally is great, adding some external care will further help. Products like melanin oil for grey hair, melanin injections, and melanin infused haircare can be easy picks.

Melanin Rich Foods For Hair 


If you plan on sticking to a strict diet for increased pigmentation in your hair, here are some melanin-rich foods for hair:  

  • Avocado
  • Dark chocolates
  • Kale
  • Carrots
  • Citrusy fruits
  • Red cabbage
  • Green leafy vegetables


What causes loss of melanin in your hair?

Loss of melanin in hair can be caused due to a number of internal as well as external factors. Factors like age, genetics, sun damage, and stress can cause this condition. However, controllable factors like vitamin and protein deficiency, smoking, and the use of harsh chemicals on your hair can also lead to melanin loss. Reigning these controllable causes is the best way to increase melanin in the hair. 

Why does your hair turn grey or white?

Ideally, an individual’s hair turns white or grey at the onset of old age. However, the factor responsible for greying hair can be hormonal imbalance, stress, genetic defects, improper diet, or even excessive use of chemicals on hair. If you’re experiencing premature greying of hair, and are wondering how to increase melanin in hair, these are the root problems you might want to work on. 

Can melanin supplements help restore hair colour and vitality? 

Scientific studies and research have not gathered enough data to prove that supplements play a larger role in restoring hair colour and vitality. Most melanin supplements for hair act as vitamin and protein substitutes that try to make up for dietary deficiencies. While these hair supplements can help a little, a transforming change has not been recorded yet. 

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Which way to increase melanin in hair will be your choice of dealing with premature greying? 

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26 Aug 2021

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