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Just Hair Us Out: 5 Fab Ways To Disguise Bad Hair Days & Turn ‘Em Into Good Ones

Just Hair Us Out: 5 Fab Ways To Disguise Bad Hair Days & Turn ‘Em Into Good Ones

Happiness is a good hair day!

Admit it, a good hair day can instantly cheer you up. There are days when your mane looks so luscious that you can hair flip all day long and then there are other days when your hair just won’t cooperate for no fault of your own and honestly, it sucks.

Trust us, this happens to every one of us and unless you have a live-in hairstylist like Jeffree Star, bad hair days are super real. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot change that! Here’s how you can convert those sad days into #FabHairDays with some easy tips and tricks.

How To Fix A Bad Hair Day

Nothing can ‘damp’en your mood faster than finding out that there’s still oil left in your hair when you find a wavy strand after spending hours. But don’t you worry, don’t you worry child as we are here to save you from having another bad hair day.

Braid It

Janhvi Kapoor braided hair


Unless you have super short hair, braiding your mane is an easy fix. Just comb your hair nicely and part it towards one side and start braiding.

To further zhush up your braids, try this:

– Once you’ve braided your hair, pull out a few strands from the front as it looks really cool.

– If your braids look too flat or thin, pull some hair out messily to give an illusion of having thicker locks.

– Go heavy on the accessories: One of the tricks that I do when I braid my hair is by wearing a statement earring on the opposite side of my braid as people will notice that first, and probably not my hair.

– You can also accessorize your mane with cutesy hair accessories to add some drama. Hair rings always look amazing.

Messy Bun

Vanessa Hudgens messy bun


A messy bun is perfect to hide the ‘mess’ that your hair is on the days it just won’t behave. Is it just me or does a messy bun end up looking fab on the days we aren’t even trying?

And if you want your messy bun to look anything but #InstaWorthy, read this.

Cover It Up

Selena Gomez wearing a hat


One of the easiest ways you can hide that your hair could do with some spa treatments is by… hiding it- no, literally!

Wearing a hat is a super chic way to hide that your hair currently has enough oil to attract an international invasion (LOL). Another #CelebApproved way to change your hairdo is by styling it with a bandana. It makes it look like you’ve spent hours putting together a look when in fact, you’re just trying to cover it up.

Tie It UP

Kendall Jenner high ponytail


A high ponytail looks so sexy! Just pull back all of your hair together, bend down to ensure that you do not miss any hair strand, and tie it up. Yup, that’s it. Wear your fave loop earing with the hottest red lipstick you can find and we bet you’ll look like an #InstaBaddie in no time.

And if you want your ponytail to look sexier, just straighten it out before tying it. 

Hair Band

Hailey Baldwin headband


Another super-easy way to disguise a bad hair day is by styling with a stunning hairband. Just comb all your hair back and put on a hairband like your good old childhood days. Choose eccentric colours or the ones with sequins as you want the people to notice your it-accessory rather than your unwashed hair!

Bad hair day? We don’t have those anymore!

Featured Image: Pinterest

28 Oct 2020

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