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Colour Correct: Everything You Need About Getting A Perfect Ombre!

Colour Correct: Everything You Need About Getting A Perfect Ombre!

We tend to associate a haircut or colour with transformation, inspiration and new beginnings. But if you’re not prepared to change it all the way by rocking that bob or slaying red hair, ombre is one way you can dip your toes in the water. We got in touch with celebrity hair and make-up artist Meghna ButaniTangles, Mumbai to get you intel on ombre hair colouring techniques and how to ace them!

Ombre means ‘shading’ in French,” she explains. “There are different techniques to ombre, but the most popular is getting dark roots, light mid-lengths and very light ends. The hair colour seamlessly melts from one shade to another, creating subtle gradients along the length of your hair. One can create an ombre effect by using the same colour with different peroxide strengths on the hair. Opt for a honey mocha on the mids and a blonde on the ends of your hair for something more sun-kissed and natural or a mahogany on the mids to a red on the ends.”

An ombre done right will highlight and contour your hair and face. The trendy hair colouring technique is definitely here to stay, and it looks gorgeous on almost everyone! Moreover, it’s low maintenance and doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. “If you want to have some fun, you can choose a purple for the mids and blue for the ends or a pink to purple. If you want to experiment with a sun-kissed ombre at home, back-comb your entire hair and the bits that are left out can be coloured with a lighter shade. Wait for it to process and comb out the backcombing and wash your hair. You will have a nice ombre balayage effect,” advises Meghna.

Get Inspired By These Styles

Check out these stunning ombre hair looks before you book your next salon appointment.

PeeCee’s Sun-kissed Locks


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This Caramel Brown

Bold Pinks, Maybe?


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The Last Word

Celebrities are definitely going the ombre way, so if you’re thinking about following suit, do it this holiday season and add a zing to your look.

If you want to go take the plunge, drop by Meghna who is based out of Juhu, Mumbai. We love BBlunt and Lakme Salons too.


19 Dec 2017

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