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Fluttery & Flirty: 4 Ways To Get Longer Eyelashes So That You Can Bat Them At Your Crush

Fluttery & Flirty: 4 Ways To Get Longer Eyelashes So That You Can Bat Them At Your Crush




Some beauty trends come and go like brushed out brows or overlined lips but one thing that will remain a constant is fluttery, long, and thick eyelashes. Even if you’re not planning to put on makeup- just coat your lashes with mascara and apply a tinted lip balm and see how your face just looks put together. 

If you are interested in finding out different ways of getting those come-hither lashes then we’re listing them down. Remember, ultimately it’s a question of personal preference as to which one you pick depending on how long you want them on for.

4 Ways To Get Longer And Thicker Looking Eyelashes

False Lashes


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Yes, falsies can seem complicated and intimidating at first but like any other thing, putting them on requires patience and practice. Once you master the glue and tweezer ritual, you’ll be rocking falsies everywhere. However, if you do find a full-blown band a bit extra then plopping on a few individual lashes on the outer corner of your eyes should do the trick. 

All you’ve got to do is- take your pair of falsies between a pair of tweezers, dab the band with some glue and let it dry for a few seconds till it becomes a little tacky before applying it just above your lash line. You can get in afterward and make sure it’s really fixed to your eyelid. Apply your eyeliner and then lightly squeeze them together with your natural eyelashes and curl them together with a curler. Finally, coat them with mascara and you’re ready to rock the night away!


Pros: They are practical because they can be applied and removed at your own time. 

Cons: Requires practice to put them on and can be challenging for beginners. 

Lash Extensions


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Earlier this was limited to people who were seriously interested in beauty but slowly it’s becoming more and more popular. Well, the reason is clear- they make you look glamorous and gorgeous all day, all the time. Lash extensions are semi-permanent and are great for people who have sparse lashes. They roughly last between four to five weeks before they start to fall off and you can go in for a quick touch-up to make them stay on for longer. 

New Delhi folks you can head over to Reign Studio to get these done cause they do a superb job with them. 

Pros: You don’t have to put on any mascara, your lashes will make you look like you’re put-together always.

Cons: The session does take about two hours depending on how dramatic a look you’re going for and is costly. One session starts at Rs 2,950 and goes up to Rs 7,600. You should also be careful if you have extra sensitive eyes because this procedure can cause some minor discomfort.




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 Lash serums are basically growth-enhancing formulas that help in eyelash hair growth. They add thickness, density, and length to the natural lashes so that they get a boost. When used regularly they also add shine and can be a staple in your beauty routine. So, if you aren’t into putting on makeup or don’t like getting beauty treatments like lash extensions done and still want long lashes, this is something to consider.

However, one thing to note is that even though lash serums are packed with ingredients like castor oil and Vitamin E, they can’t actually make your lashes grow. They do hydrate and strengthen them and can also reduce breakage.

Pros: Help strengthen natural lashes without any makeup or beauty procedure. They are also cost-effective if compared to other options.

Cons: Takes really long to show results and can cause discolouration to your lashes and lids.





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Makeup lovers know the importance of mascaras. They can instantly make you look wide awake and ready to rock. Just apply a couple of coats to your top and bottom lashes and you’ll look fabulous. Different formulas work for different things- some lengthen, some thicken and some do both. We suggest picking up the MyGlamm Twist It Mascara which gives volume and curls the eyelashes thanks to its adjustable brush that’s built to fit every eye shape. It is waterproof and smudge resistant and is also PETA-approved. What’s not to love?

Pros: Cost-effective and good for people who don’t like anything too dramatic.

Cons: They don’t add as much volume and length as falsies and lash extensions.


As we mentioned earlier, it’s all about choice and preference but trust us, you bat your lashes at your crush and he’ll swoon!

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05 Apr 2021

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