DIY Friday: How To Give Yourself A Minimalist White Manicure At Home

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Aug 28, 2020
DIY Friday: How To Give Yourself A Minimalist White Manicure At Home


From all the cool nail polish colours out there, white will always be a minimalist’s favourite. It’s a colour that not only looks amazing on all skin tones but also complements every outfit. As pretty as it looks, there is one con to white nail polish and that is, it’s super high maintenance. You have to be careful about staining or chipping white nail polish. So if you love white nail polish, keep these pointers in mind. 

How To Do A Minimalist White Manicure At Home

Shall we begin?

1. Choose The Right Shade Of White

The beauty of the colour white is that no two shades of it are alike. There’s ivory, cream, marshmallow, milk, vanilla, eggshell and more. Choose a shade of white that makes you feel happy!

2. All About That Base

Many a time, we skip the base coat and directly apply nail polish. This is exactly why your nail polish doesn’t last for long. This is also what makes your nail polish look streaky. When it comes to white nail polish, applying a base coat first creates a barrier between the surface of the nails and the polish, ensuring that your nails are safe. In addition, it will give your nails a more polished and even texture. 

3. Three Coats For The Win

From cuticle to tip, paint your nails white. Follow it up with two more coats. Don’t overcoat your nails or else the nail polish with smudge and become patchy. 

PSST: If you don’t want to do this, we recommend applying a light nude coloured nail polish as the first coat. This will make the white portion of your nail (the grown-out nail) almost invisible. Then you can apply just one / 2 coats of white nail polish to make it opaque. 

That’s it! You’re done. If you feel that your nails look too plain with just white nail polish, then go ahead and decorate them by drawing tiny colourful polka dots or placing nail stickies on them. 

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