Secret’s Out: Here’s How You Can Create Kendall’s Signature Eye Makeup Look

Larissa PintoLarissa Pinto  |  Sep 29, 2020
Secret’s Out: Here’s How You Can Create Kendall’s Signature Eye Makeup Look


We all know that eyebrows are the key feature when it comes to framing your entire face! Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen many brow trends along with matching eye makeup tutorials come and go, with Cara Delevingne’s bushy brows still remaining a beauty fave. Over the past couple of months though, straight brows have been making their way to the trends chart, all thanks to model Kendall Jenner. But her brows aren’t the only thing people are obsessed with!

Along with her ‘super-angelic’ feathery straight eyebrows, Kendall Jenner’s signature eye makeup look, which is always soft and subtle rather than bold and heavy, has also come into the spotlight. And now, the model’s makeup artist Mary Phillips predicts that this signature look is going to be the next trending topic in the makeup world — brows and all.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t have naturally straight brows, you don’t need to shave out the ends *ahem, fox eye trend* to create Kendall’s signature look. Lucky for us, Mary Phillips blessed us with the model’s exact eye makeup routine. The best part is that this routine can easily be created at home, regardless if you’re a makeup pro or a newbie. So, get out your makeup bag, here’s how you can recreate Kendall Jenner’s signature soft eye look.

The Styling Process

The key to achieving Kendall’s look is to focus on the entire eye section — lids, lashes, liner and of course the brows. 

Brow Clean Up

The first step is to start with a proper brow clean up. While you normally comb your brows in the direction it grows, Kendall Jenner’s makeup artist stated that she uses her fingers to fan the brow hair up and fill. She then goes ahead and plucks out any random strands of hair that are outside the brow line to give it a more clean and neat finish.

Concentrate on the Lashes

Once the clean up is done, it’s off to the second part, which is concentrating on the strands of hair below the brows a.k.a. your lashes. It’s no surprise that a good coat of mascara can go a long way and defining the lashes play an important part in recreating Kendall’s look. You could opt for just mascara or even use fake lashes. If you choose fake lashes, go for individual false lashes as it creates a more natural look and after glueing them on, use a crimper to give them an extra lift.

Add A Bit Of Colour

The final piece of the puzzle to achieving Kendall Jenner’s signature look is adding a hint of colour to the lash line or on the eyelid. Whether it’s a thick flick or just a simple line on the eyelid, this is sure to take your overall look from 10 to 100 instantly.


There you have it, now you can look runway-ready by recreating Kendall Jenner’s signature eye makeup look.

Featured Image: Instagram